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The FoilMount is a universal hydrofoil mounting system, this means that you can put a hydrofoil track on just about any board you already have. The FoilMount uses a specially designed 3M adhesive tape to stick to the bottom of your board. It will accommodate any foil that uses the 90mm track system (this is industry standard). It is a easy way to fix a broken track system. It is also great for retrofitting boards with through bolt holes to give them the adjust-ability of a sliding track system.

The FoilMount can be removed but cannot be reused. It is very easy to install, just prep the surface with alcohol, peel the tape backing, and stick! Make sure you install the FoilMount on a flat surface on the board (no rocker, double or single concave).


Standard FoilMount

The standard mount is a flat plate that can be installed on any flat board surface. It is suitable for most SUP boards, hydrofoil boards, Skim boards, Surfboards. If you surface has some curve to it try the Ridge Mount system. If you're trying to outfit a board with a tuttle box system or a windsurfing rig try the Hole Mount system. If you have mounting questions you can reach FoilMount by emailing [email protected]


The 2.0 Standard now includes:

  • Upgraded FoilMount plate with one piece adhesive backing
  • 4 high strength brass slider nuts
  • 1 set of 4 flat head M8x16mm bolts for Slingshot and most other foils
  • 1 set of 4 flat head M6x12mm bolts for Takuma Surf hydrofoils
  • 1 set of 4 pan head M8x20mm bolts for Moses and older Liquid Force foils 
  • (instructions, alcohol pads, scotch-brite pad, FoilMount box)


Advice for mounting FoilMounts from customer questions

Answer for "Scott":
That Liquid Force Wake Surf board has a PU (poly urethane) coating which will make a medium strength bond with the VHB adhesive tape in the FoilMount, I’d recommend using the 3M 94 primer before mounting. As far as position, make sure that the mounting area is absolutely flat number one. If you have a ridge down the middle of the board and are using the ridge mount, make sure both sides of the ridge are flat (no concave or big enough for flat mounting with ridge). The best way to do this is to "dryfit" a FoilMount in the mounting location and make sure it fits tight to the board. In terms of position I’ve found that you want your rear foot either directly over the mount or slightly to the rear of the mount so your thinking was on track. You can get the 3M 94 primer pretty much anywhere adhesives or paint is sold…we also have it on our website. Hope that helps!

Answer for "Christian":
The mounting position will need to be flat (no concave, double concave, or tail rocker). If it is a large enough concave the center of it may be flat enough to mount. You can check it by taking a FoilMount (dry fit with the adhesive backing still on) or a piece of wood and use it as a straight edge to see if there is any curve side to side or front to back in the mounting location. For mounting the FoilMount for surfing you will want your rear foot to be directly over the foil in the surfing stance. This is usually farther forward then your stance when in the pocket. I’ve had good luck mounting directly under the front edge of the rear foot pad. Hope that helps. The dimensions that need to be flat is 9.5” side to side (4.75” from center) and 13.5” front to back.