We have compiled a list of the popular and even some unpopular kite locations throughout New Jersey. For all of these locations you will need to be an independant rider that is proficient at staying upwind, launching/landing and body dragging upwind. If you need to work on these skills or have not practiced them in a while , we recomend coming out for our supervised riding at Kite Island. 

Please use caution kiting at these locations and make sure your an independant rider. If someone gets injured or injures some one else, the kite spot will likely be shut down for everyone and there are not that many good kite spots in New Jersey. Do NOT try to teach yourself at any of these locations. Kiteboarding is unlike many other sports and you NEED lesssons before going out on your own.



  • Video: Welcome to Kite Island
  • Wind Direction- Kite Islands best wind direction is SW, S, and SE. N, NE, and E are also good but are less common and also may be a little more gusty. Due West winds tend to be very gusty.
  • Type of Riding- Bay/ Flat Water
  • Location Info- Kite island has waist deep flat water for miles. It is excellent for beginners or riders looking to work on flat water riding, tricks, etc.  
  • Obstructions- There is a major boat channel on the North side of the island


  • Wind Direction- The best wind direction is NW. SE is also good but is more sideshore winds. 
  • Type of Riding- Bay/ Flat Water
  • Location Info- New Jerseys most popular bay side kiteboarding spot. It offers flat water riding, with approzimately 4-5 foot tides with currents that can be strong at times.  
  • Obstructions- In The summer there are beach goers that will be on the beach that you will need to be cautious of. Also take note the currents can be strong and pull your board out the inlet if you're not proficient in in wind body dragging. 
  • Exact Launch Spot- Parking Lot B, then walk across the street to the bay side. 
  • Facebook Group: Sandy Hook Kitesurfers Facebook Group


  • Wind Direction- S, SE, E, NE
  • Type of Riding- Ocean/ Waves
  • Location Info- LBI has beautiful beaches and is a great spot for riding in the ocean. You can ride pretty much any where there are not life gaurds.   
  • Obstructions- In The summer there will be a lot of beach goers as this is a very popular touriust area. The beach is huge, so find a spot where no one is on the beach and if you are near beach goers please do not stand on the beach flying your kite.  


  • Wind Direction- N, NW, W, SW and S
  • Type of Riding- Bay/ Flat Water good for beginners. 
  • Location Info- You'll want to bring a SUP or surf board, pack all your gear on it and and head out to the marsh. It is a short paddle or walk out. Most of the water is waist deep except a small channel you will have to swim across. Once you get to the marsh you can pump up your kite and you have plenty of waist deep water to ride. Launching from the park area is very dangerous due to many obstructions. 
  • Obstructions- There is a small beach area with a park, out in the water there are lots of wooden poles fencing the beach off. If you walk down the beach towards the marsh there are a lot of metal poles in the ground that people tie their boats to. This is very hazardous to you and your kite. You may see some people launching from this area, but we do not recomend it.


  • This was a great bayside kite spot, but has been recently purchased by a new owner is now kiteboarding is NOT allowed at this location. 


  • Wind Direction- SE, ESE
  • Type of Riding- Bay/ choppy Water. Good for advanced riders due to dificult launch 
  • Location Info- There is a parking lot across the street from Trixies in Bayville, that has space to rig as long as there are not too many cars parked there. It is a very sketchy/ gusty launch to due a lot of wind shaddowing. Your kite may be falling out of the sky on launch, but then you may become overpower once on the water. This is really only good on SE winds. This is not a recomended spot, due to the difficulty of the launch.
  • Obstructions- There are power lines near the parking lot, and some bushes along the water you will have to walk past. On busy days the parking lot may be full, leaving very little if any room to rig in. 


  • Wind Direction- S, SW, W
  • Type of Riding- Bay/ choppy Water. Good for intermediate to advanced riders due to dificult launch 
  • Location Info- You will need to rig your gear in the parking lot, then coil your lines up and walk out to the water and drift launch. Rigging on Island Beach State park (the marsh area) is prohibited and they will fine you, if you try rigging there. This is a nice location to ride, but not great for rigging and launching your kite. 


  • Wind Direction- SW 
  • Type of Riding- Bay/ Flat Water, good for beginners
  • Location Info- Another great spot is Lakes Bay, just behind Atlantic City, for a SW wind. This spot is our own little kite beach. Kiteboarders have access to this bay with parking, port-a-pottie and private launch. It also can work with S wind and W also. However, this spot really is best in SW. Here it is mainly bay chop. If you work your way upwind you can find some amazing butter flats. Lakes Bay has some great locals that are always willing to lend a hand. This spot is VERY beginner friendly.


  • Video- Kiteboarding at Higbee Beach
  • Wind Direction- NW, W 
  • Type of Riding- Small waves and chop from wind swell. 
  • Location Info- Nice sandy beach with plenty of space to launch. We primarily get NW & Weat winds in the Fall and Winter, so there won't likely be many people on the beach. 
  • Obstructions- Foundation with rebar in the water down the beach. There is also a Ferry that passes by. 
  • Exact Launch Spot- Small dirt parking lot just south of the inlet. 


  • Video- Kiteboarding in Ventnor NJ
  • Wind Direction- SW, S, SE, E, NE
  • Type of Riding- Ocean Riding for advanced riders
  • Location Info- Great kiteboarding spot during the off season, but packed with beach goers in the summer months. Kiteboarding is not allowed where lifeguards are. Stay far away from the pier as well. 
  • Obstructions- Stay downwind of the pier


  • Video- Kiteboarding in Brigantine North End, NJ
  • Wind Direction- S, SE, E, NE
  • Type of Riding- Ocean Riding for advanced riders
  • Location Info- Brigantine has locations from any direction. But most are only accessible with a 44 permit from town hall. $185 for the year will get you up and riding at the Brigantine Inlet on the very north tip of the island. Here You can ride any direction. Watch for very strong current and in the mid of summer they close if for the piping plovers. You can drive on the beach and park directly on the beach if you have a pass. It is a large beach with lots of space to rig/ launch.  
  • Obstructions- Channel with strong current. 


  • Island Beach State Park: You may not rig, launch, or land your kite anywhere on Island Beach State Park. The rangers will chase you and fine you! 
  • Sandy Hook Ocean Side: During Spring, Summer, and Fall you cannot kite in Sandy Hook National Park on the ocean side. It is permitted in the winter. The bay side riding is allowed year-round. 
  • Life gaurded areas: Any locations in New Jersey that has life gaurds, kiteboarding is not permitted. Usually after 5:00pm most lifegaurds leave and you can get a sunset session in. 
  • James Street, LBI: This was a great bayside kite spot, but has been recently purchased by a new owner is now kiteboarding is NOT allowed at this location.