Customer Service


We understand that price is one of the most important factors in selecting where you shop and we do our best to stay a step ahead of our competition. We constantly browse other kiteboarding websites to make sure that we offer the best available deals on the market. Should you find a better price somewhere else, just email us the link or a quote and we will match it. Visit our link for more information on our Price Matching Policy.


We go out of our way to make sure that your shopping experience with us is as simple and pleasant as possible. If you need help with gear selection, we will provide honest advice - we will never recommend anything we dislike or have not tried ourselves. We try a lot of gear (see the Demo section below) and  have many years of riding and teaching experience - we know what works and what doesn't work for your needs. Contact us and we will be very happy to set you up with the best possible gear. 

Once the purchase is made, we do our best to ship it out the same day for the fastest possible delivery. We try to keep all the popular gear in stock; but, if we happen to run out, we will contact you right away and let you know the estimated arrival time. We will always give you an option to cancel the order if the delivery time does not fit your needs. 

We also provide extensive after purchase support - should you have any concerns or questions about the gear you purchased, or if there is ever a warranty claim, we stand behind our customers to make sure that they get fair treatment from the manufacturer. 


Green Hat staff are constantly testing different gear to be able to offer first hand knowledge and provide insight for the best information and recommendations to our customers. We are constantly updating an extensive list of Demo/Used gear that you can purchase for a great deal.