Warranty Claim

How To Submit A Warranty Claim:

Most products sold on GreenHatKiteboarding.com are covered by their manufacturer's factory warranty. This warranty is the guarantee that the product is free of any manufacturing defects.

Green Hat Kiteboarding stands behind our customers for all warranty claims; however, we do not warranty any products ourselves. All warranty claims need to be submitted and approved by the manufacturer or distributor. We are here to help present your case to the brand and act as a mediator to figure out a fair and reasonable solution for any issue you might have with your gear.  

Most brands require all warranty claims to be submitted by the dealer while some brands offer direct claim submissions.

For Warranty Claims through Green Hat:

Please click and complete the Warranty Claim Form 

Brands offering direct Claim submissions:

If you need a copy of your invoice, please contact us. If you are filing the claim directly and encounter any problems / delays / etc., please reach out to us for assistance. 

What exactly is covered:

Each brand has their own warranty policy which can be found on the their websites. We advise to read through it before submitting a claim.