Carved Imperator 7 Kiteboard

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Includes: kiteboard, fins, handle, screws, and board sock.

Carved Imperator 7 Full Carbon Kiteboard

A Masterpiece Twenty Years in the Making

Passionately handcrafted with the highest available technology and materials for the ultimate ride. Experience Carved’s legendary seventh generation Imperator.

Key Features of the Carved Imperator Board

  • Next Level Carbon
    Cartan 2, as it’s called, combines untwisted, unidirectional carbon fiber strands with minimal epoxy binders into a thin, flat, 30° scrim matching the exact board size. The evenly distributed, very straight fibers result in a composite laminate with a lighter, more uniform microstructure than those produced using conventional woven-fabric pre-pregs. The Imperator’s improved filament-to-filament load transfer results in an incredibly energetic Gen7 that’s 100g lighter.

  • Feel Everything. And Nothing. 
    The symphonic performance of Paulownia, Cartan 2, and 20 years of development delivers its signature ride.  Expect the smoothest carves, the highest torsional stability, and incredible reflexivity even in massive chop. Allround comfort in all conditions and nothing but.

  • Always on Track. 
    The distinctive deep-vee keel keeps the Imperator 7 confidently on course - especially in chop and strong winds. Hand-finished rails feature slightly sharper, drag-reducing, tucked under rail profile.
    The double concave Vee cuts through the roughest chop and delivers incredible grip and poise. Transitioning the double concaves into mono concave tips improves takeoff.

  • Tension in Every Fiber
    The Cartan 2 carbon unibody envelopes a wood core resulting in perfect power flows between the upper and lower deck. Be amazed at the Imperator’s incredible ability to store and release your energy on demand.

  • Naturally Powerful
    A work of art hides under the exclusive carbon fiber jacket. The finest hand-selected,  Paulownia wood is finely milled with a state-of-the-art CNC milling machine. Its exceptionally light, long fibers give the Imperator dimensional stability and its signature character.

  • Every Gram Counts
    Carved's vacuum infusion process requires significantly less resin than conventional carbon twintips, producing a lighter and more dynamic board structure. Although the company’s Unibody process is top secret, the result is not. It is responsible, in large part, for the board’s legendary power, feel, and comfort even after many years of love.

  • Finished with Love
    The hand-shaped rails feature a new hard rail design that releases water better at speed, reducing drag. It takes more time and effort to hand shape our rails, but the results speak for themselves. The new, slightly sharper “round edge with a corner” improves drag yet still leverages the Coandă effect a rounded rail generates to carve buttery smooth turns while delivering superior straight-line grip.

    Imperator 7 Sizes

    • 130x39cm 
    • 133x40cm
    • 135x41cm
    • 137x42cm
    • 139x42.5cm
    • 141x43cm
    • LW 146x45cm : The optimal combination between fast planing and sporty agility. Wider tips and symmetric rails mean it planes fast while remaining nimble.
    • LW 152x48cm :  The smaller  Imperator 7 LW features a classic Imperator 7 outline. It’s ideal for locations with unreliable or variable winds.



    Razor G10 fin set (1.7" for 130-137, 146 & 152 cm ; 1.9" for 139 & 141 cm)
    V4A fin screws
    REVO board handle with screw set
    T30 Torx driver 
    Board sock