Boreas Industries Quick Release Leashes

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These leashes are 6ft long with 7mm urethane cord, high quality neoprene cuff, strong nylon webbing, and have swivels at either end.


Includes: (1) leash and choice of attachment option

Boreas Industries Quick Release Leash

This all new quick release surfboard leash features an exclusive all 316 stainless steel quick disconnect that allows you to quickly release from the board in an emergency situation, greatly improving your safety when riding with a leash in the waves. The release can also be used for convenience to avoid tripping over the leash when walking to and from the water with the kite in the air.  


Two Attachment Options

Available in the traditional ankle cuff version and a kite specific version that can be attached to the harness. Both versions feature the same stainless steel quick disconnect.