2024 Eleveight XS V4 Kiteboarding Kite

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Extreme Freeride Series

Smashing your limit, the XS has an extreme boost that breaks boundaries in Big Air!


Includes: kite and bag

2024 Eleveight XS V4 Kite

Performance Features 

  • Explosive lift and extra-long hangtime
  • Stable even in serious Big Air boosts
  • Massive grunt for the highest jumps in any condition 
  • Bombproof construction for ultra-durability
  • Rapid yet controllable flight characteristics with direct feedback



Eleveight XS Design Vision

"The XS is your ultimate Big Air weapon, smashing new boundaries for height and hangtime.

Through continuous development, Version 4 is now faster and more precise allowing you to boost even higher. Created for the needs of demanding adrenalin junkies, the XS is as grunty as it gets, delivering raw power to the most extreme radical moves.

The sophisticated delta hybrid design has a high aspect ratio that gives an increased angle of attack to balance power with ease of handling. Its explosive lift is met with bombproof construction for adrenaline junkies wanting to hit full send. For V4 we optimised the load distribution further for stability and endurance, even over time.

Efficiency and hangtime are enhanced by a flattened arc making the XS intuitive to steer and extremely responsive. The direct turning and bar feedback allows for perfect timing, ready to take off and be rocketed to the moon.

The five-strut frame is light yet delivers stability in all situations and withstands the extreme forces in radical big air. Surprisingly versatile, freeriders will love how the XS can also handle freestyle and waves alike.

We put a lot of work into its aerodynamics to create the perfect sweep in the wingtips as well as the optimum canopy curve. In less favourable conditions, the XS has fantastic low-end performance that will assist progressing riders, and aids upwind travel to get you back in the zone fast.

The XS is designed with continuous feedback from our Team Riders the world over, whether chasing storms or breaking records at their home spot. They agree the new XS will catapult you with such forward momentum to generate powerful megaloops as well as extended hangtime for old-school tricks.

A must-have kite for radical riders, the new XS is Big Air’s best friend." -Eleveight


Eleveight XS Technology 

Extreme High Tenacity 4x4 Ripstop Weave
The superior X4 canopy fabric is strong and tear-resistant to guarantee durability and lasting performance. X4 is engineered to be dynamic and developed exclusively in partnership with Teijin, the leading supplier of sailcloth materials. Made from the best 4×4 ripstop polyester yarn, X4 has less elongation and a high-temperature UV-resistant resin finish.


Double Bond Canopy
To ensure your kite can take a beating, every seam is glued and stitched for maximum durability.


Quick Flow
The large diameter of Eleveight valves and strut connectors ensures fast, easy inflation and deflation of your kite without the need for a hose connector.


Strut Force Distribution
Each Strut has a double strut head reinforcement to create a solid inflatable kite frame. This allows for optimum turning and smoother handling.


Short Bridle
The short pulley-free 5-point bridle setup enhances the kite’s turning speed and agility. Your bar input is direct, while the risk of catching the wingtip is reduced.


3D Bridle Deflector
The redesigned 3D bridle deflector has structural reinforcement covering the closing seam. It decreases the possibility of bridle wrap, making water starts easier and safer.


Canopy Guards
Strategically placed Extreme Tenacity (XT) cloth reinforcements eliminate canopy wear and tear including pinholes caused by the valves.


German Made PU Bladder Material
A kite’s bladder is the core element of its inflatable structure so Eleveight uses the toughest and lightest material available, made in Germany. Engineered specifically for kites, this material defines the kite’s weight and durability.


Safe Connect
Eleveight helps you rig your kite safely and avoid mixing up lines with the kook-proof front and backline connection points.


Easy Trim
Fly the kite your way by easily switching between backline trim options with the pull-to-pull tags. Two steering line settings are available, allowing you to choose your turning speed and bar pressure.


Leading Edge Load Dynamic Super Seam
A triple-reinforced closing seam along the leading edge makes it practically indestructible. The centre segments have stronger reinforcements as the material load is much higher compared to the smaller diameter of the wingtips.


Ultra-Light Load Diffuser
Angled reinforcements along the trailing edge diffuse the load and strain on the canopy, making it more durable while improving kite stability and longevity.


Turning Trim Setting
Trim the kite according to your riding style and the wind conditions by switching between different bridle line turning settings. The pivot set-up makes the kite faster and offers more depower, while the tip set-up increases the turning radius and offers more power and grunt. All Eleveight kites have the standard middle set-up pre-selected to offer the best balance.


2 Step Force Transition
The load transition between the inflatable frame structure and the ripstop material is optimized for improved stability and durability. An extra layer of double ripstop sits between the inflatable structure and the X4 ripstop to protect the load.


XT Extreme Hight Tenacity Dacron
The XT cloth has extremely high tenacity and is used in our inflatable structures to allow them to twist while balancing stability and stiffness. XT ensures high performance and is developed exclusively in partnership with Teijin, the leading supplier of sailcloth materials. It features a highly specialised UV-resistant coating and is woven to produce a structure that guarantees strength.


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