2023 Mystic Stealth Hardshell Kiteboarding Waist Harness

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Includes: harness only

Spreader bar, safety knife, and handlepass loop are NOT included.

2023 Mystic Stealth Hardshell Waist Harness 

Always improving, always streamlining – that’s how Mystic's best products are crafted, and their latest upgrades to the Stealth are no exception. As Mystic's most lightweight harness to date, the Stealth weighs in at just 900g (or 1.98lb) which is 37% lighter than the previous model. All this is due to the Stealth’s shape and padding, which is now built in 3D, giving a minimal yet smooth grip all around. Freedom of movement is optimized by removing height from the sides, which also reduces the pressure points when riding. The Battlebelt is now thinner and half the thickness of what it used to be, saving on weight and minimizing friction. To round it off, the Stealth features the new Flexcover storage system with an integrated safety knife pocket.


Key Features

  • Bionic Core Frame
  • Ultra light weight (900 grams)
  • Fly mold 2.0
  • Non-water absorbing Flexagon Drytech
  • Flexcovers with locking mechanism
  • Integrated safety knife side pocket
  • Battle belt
  • Adaptive leash eye 2.0 included
  • Suitable for Stealth Bar Gen 3
  • Materials: Carbon composite



Bionic Core Frame
The Bionic Core Frame is stiff in the horizontal directions, but is still able to twist and follow your body. The carbon composite enhances the stiffness for the most extreme conditions. 

Non-Water Absorbing Flexagon Drytech
The Flexagon Drytech sticks to your waist like superglue and keeps the harness in place during your entire session. It's non-water absorbing, which gives it an extra light feel. 

Flexcovers with Locking Mechanism
Once you've adjusted your webbing, get the straps out of your way with the new Flexcovers. These Flexcovers have got a locking mechanism to make sure the webbing stays tucked away. 

Integrated Safety Knife Side Pocket (knife sold separately)
The flexcover is designed to store your excessive webbing, which would otherwise flap about during your session. Behind the cover there is a hidden knife pocket to get you out of any gnarly situation. 

Adaptive Leash Eye 2.0 Included
Safety first! With the adaptive leash eye you can attach your safety leash to the front webbing of your harness, which is the safest positions since it is always within reach when the things go south. 

Size Chart 

Mystic Stealth 2023 Size Chart