2023 Cabrinha 03S XCAL Carbon Kiteboard

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Includes: board, 4x 40mm fins, 4x washers, 10xm6x16mm screws, and grab handle.

135 x 41 cm
138 x 42 cm
141 x 43 cm

03S Cabrinha XCAL Carbon


When performance freestyle & big air is at the top of your list, the XCal Carbon is a proven podium winner of a board.  With the strategic use of Cabrinha's exclusive Japanese Toray Carbon they’ve fine tuned the response of the board, leading to an explosive pop and fast locked in landings. Defined tip channels make for a more aggressive take-off, whether that manifests as an explosive pop off flat water or a high line tension release from a wave into the sky. 

Paired with any of Cabrinha’s performance kites you will be swift to reap the rewards.

The Xcal Carbon is the most responsively tuned board in the Cabrinha range leading to exceptional freestyle performance.  The most important stage of any trick is the take off and it’s here where the specific use of Japanese Toray carbon construction and the aggressive quad tip channels produce explosive & predictable pop.  

High speed landings are absorbed with ease through the centredouble concave shape.  When sheer performance is all that matters the Xcal carbon is your go to stealthy performer. 


Design Profile
High performance freestyle model with structural carbon and incredible reflex.




  • Refined shape
  • Aggressive quad tip channels for back foot grip and improved pop
  • Rail channels for maximum edge control
  • Double concave in center for smooth and controllable landings
  • High end construction for performance and speed in all conditions
  • Exclusive use of Japanese Toray structural carbon
  • Stiff flex pattern for a rapid response & explosive pop
  • Excellent upwind drive



03S XCAL Carbon Technology

  • Insane Grip and Pop
    Aggressive quad tip channels translate into intuitive backfoot grip, a locked-in feel and incredible pop off the water.


  • Double the Concave
    The double concave centre section gives an incredibly smooth ride and complete control in the landings.


  • Carbon Performance
    Exclusive use of Japanese Toray structural carbon gives the most precise feel make the XCal Carbon the most performance board in the twin tip range.


  • Wood Core
    Premium A-grade Paulownia wood core is vertically laminated to optimise strength, reduce weight and allow the board to flex freely and naturally.


  • Fast Rocker Line
    Razor sharp responsiveness and stability for hard and fast landings. Designed to get you up and riding quickly and upwind fast.


  • Carbon Stiff Flex
    Designed to ride fast and reactively.  The stiff flex pattern ensures powerful energy transfer when the board pops off the water.