2023 Cabrinha 03S Code V2 Wing Board

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Includes: board, foil mounting hardware, and full deck pad

Cabrinha Straps sold separately.

03S Cabrinha Code V2


The sport of wingsurfing is moving at an exceptional pace and the development of the Code version 2 nods to a few key areas of improvement designed to simplify the in some key areas. The overall shape has changed with a reworked nose design and pronounced keel that improves stability and early takeoff. Its short compact design with ample volumes allow you to ride a shorter board than previsouly. The lightweight EPS, durable bamboo and UD carbon stringer construction gives you the confidence to take to the sky while still offering precise, positive control over the board when put on rail. The Code is the most versatile, all-round performing board in the range.



Foil specific board with focus on maneuverability and easy launch.


4'8" x 23.5" x 4.2"    | 60L
4'11" x 23.5" x 4.6"   | 72L
5'2" x 24.25" x 5.3"  | 86L
5'5" x 24.5" x 5.5"    | 100L
5'8" x 26.5" x 5.6"    | 114L
5'11" x 29.5" x 5.75" | 130L



Key Features

  • NEW: redesigned nose keel for improved directional stability and release

  • NEW: Tail shape for improved release

  • NEW: Efficient outline and rail flow/chime, for improved efficiency and release

  • Carbon Stringer

  • Short compact design

  • Durable Composite Bamboo Deck construction with UD Carbon stringer

  • Lightweight bottom double UD Carbon stringer

  • EPS Core, Light Weight & Buoyant

  • Angle adjustable 2 or 3 strap insert configuration

  • Bottom carry handle




An incredibly maneuverable wing board with a high volume for starts and a small board feel when flying.


An exceptionally light and buoyant EPS core with durable composite sandwich construction results in an incredibly lightweight board.


The side cut Beveled rails not only help during hard carving maneuvers, but also help release the water flow when getting up and riding, and after a touch down.


The 3d Shaping on the bottom of the board helps during touch downs by dispersing water flow and reducing water adhesion. It also aids in getting up and going by helping with directional stability when not on the foil.


The aggressive kick tail and side release channels allow for earlier flight by reducing the board stiction to the water and allowing the water in contact to flow and release.


STRAP CONFIGURATION (straps sold separately)
Choose between a 2 straps or 3 strap stance options with a variety of angle degree's, based on your riding style.


The forces found in Wingfoiling are like no other board sport. Standard constructions simply don't cut it, and as such we have developed a specific wingfoil construction. With a lightweight EPS core the board utilises a durable composite construction with Bamboo and a uni-directional carbon stringer to withstand these forces.


ADAPTIVE STRAP POSITIONS (straps sold separately)
Through the exclusive Cabrinha design we are able to allow for endless strap options to suit your style of riding. Single Straight, Y Strap, offset, goofy or regular, the choice is yours.


Made from Dakine Friendly Foam biodegradable EVA, the full deck traction pad has been designed purely with foiling in mind. Low Profile corduroy grooving provides the perfect blend of comfort and traction and the cutouts have been placed in the locations where extra grip is needed.