2023 Cabrinha 03S CBL Kiteboard

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Includes: board, 4x 20mm fins, 4x washers, 8 x m6 x 16mm screws.

139 x 42 cm
142 x 43 cm

03S Cabrinha CBL


The CBL is a dedicated crossover wake style cable board designed for progressive riders looking to maximize performance and time on the water.

The quad concave, generous rocker line, stiff flex and unidirectional basalt allow for soft comfortable landings when going big with a kite or cable. The durable grind base puts it at ease in the park on rails or off kickers.

Style and steez is often something that takes many years to perfect.  

Enter, the CBL, a crossover kite / wake board that utilizes a bomber P-tex grind base with specific engineered reinforcements dedicated to aid in your progression to perfection and allowing you to session, whether there’s wind or no wind.  

Its stiff flex and wood core is designed to ride fast and create insane levels of pop and slack.  This extra time in the air allows you the time to add grabs or extra rotations.  Its ample rocker line dispels water on impact, cushioning landings with a stomp!  Its moderate rail and tip shape allow for grip while not impeding presses on sliders and features. 


Design Profile
Bottom shape and construction suited for wake style and cable. Also excellent
for choppy water.



  • Fluid power transfer from any source

  • Excellent wakestyle performance

  • P-tex grind base bottom sheet

  • Engineered reinforcements and strategic use of carbon for directed flex control

  • Tip channels for finless tracking & smooth release

  • Flat center for hitting any type of obstacle

  • High rocker for cable and wakestyle

  • Rail and tip channels provides grip



03S CBL Technology

  • Crossover King
    Wake or kite, the CBL has both in its DNA and specific features to perform at the top level


  • Engineered Reinforcements
    Engineered reinforcements and the strategic use of carbon helps control the flex in specific areas.


  • Slicks or Sliders
    The flat centre section allows for better slider hits while also aids with a fluid power transfer from any source.


  • Stiff Flex
    Designed to ride fast and helps with reactiveness. The stiff flex pattern ensures powerful energy transfer when the board pops off the water.


  • Wood Core
    Premium A-grade Paulownia wood core is vertically laminated to optimise strength, reduce weight and allow the board to flex freely and naturally.


  • Grind Base
    Compression formed base that enhances ‘on feature’ slide and durability, whether in the park or out and about in the natural elements.