2022 Eleveight Master C+ Kiteboard

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Made with the latest performance-tech carbon, the Process C+ is ultra-dynamic and responsive, ideal for aggressive boosts and powerful carves.

Sizes: 136 x41 / 139x42

Includes: board, fins and hardware

Bindings and handle sold separately 

2022 Eleveight Master C+ Kiteboard

Using a full layer of Spread Tow Carbon, cramming innovative features with superior materials, the Master C+ V3 is our lightest and most performant freeride to freestyle crossover twintip.

Master C+ Features

      • Super lightweight high-performance freeride to freestyle twin tip

      • Spread Tow Carbon lamination for a precise and responsive ride

      • Parabolic (PRS) rails for grip, upwind ability and higher impact resistance

      • Varying beveled rails optimize flex, speed, and pop

      • Multi-stage rocker for better pop and smooth landings

      Eleveight Master Design Vision

      "The lightest and most performance freeride to freestyle crossover twintip for riders that demand the ultimate premium experience. The Master C+’s disruptive nature allows the rider to shatter any limit, pop harder and boost higher than ever before. V3 features new lightweight ABS rail material coupled with superior Spread Tow Carbon to offer the highest impact resistance and performance in our range. The bevelled rails vary in thickness along the board’s edge allowing the rail profile to be thinner at the tips and centre generating more speed, holding the load better. The precision-milled 3D core, made of a rare low-density Paulownia wood, is entirely coated with high-tech carbon-fibre. We use superior Spread Tow Carbon, a fabric made with a unique weaving technique to get the most performance out of the carbon fibres, both in stretch and compression. The carbon layer creates exceptional flex, enhancing the riding experience." - Eleveight  

      Eleveight Designer Quote

      "Master C+ is an insane board of superior excellency. It delivers unchallenged performance for all riding styles." – Franz Schitzhofer