2021 Core SLC Complete Foil Kit

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Experience sporty and intuitive high performance in a light, responsive, and durable platform.

Includes: 70cm fuselage, mast base, tool and TEF gel, 300 stabilizer, hardware, and your choice of mast and front wing

2021 Core SLC Complete Foil Kit

Yes, it’s really that easy to silently glide around in virtually no wind. The freedom is indescribable, touring your lagoon or coast with no regard to wind direction on your SLC.

Meet the SLC Foil – a carbon and aluminum hybrid with options to suit every foiler. With every detail and material choice thoroughly tested, it brings newfound confidence to surf spots and freestyle slicks. 

Foilers will appreciate the SLC’s stability and gentle rise. Freestylers and wave foilers will value its trick-friendly light weight and predictable wing performance. For those ready to try, now is the time to jump on the SLC. And the rest of you, its elevated performance will surprise you.

Light and durable. Carbon’s anisotropic properties make aluminum a better allround choice for the mast. Core's mast weighs about the same as carbon and better resists bending. The same properties make carbon the better choice for wings. Core's high performance, featherweight wings feature self-stabilizing tips.


Core's global team of highly experienced foilers designed a confidence-inspiring shape that delivers balanced control and predictable behavior over a wide range of water conditions from flat water to beach surf. Slow or fast. Flatwater or bubbly beach break. New or experienced. Foil better with the SLC Wing.

Sizes: 1000 | 1250


SLC Front Wing Features

Core's wing features a seaweed shedding and self-stabilizing swept-back shape. The reduced area tips and concave trailing edge outline add a little speed.

A smooth leading edge promotes a wider range of attack angles, less stalling, and better navigation through turbulence. The symmetric airfoil reflex provides linear lift and flight stability.

Wing Curve
An anhedral wing root (downward curvature) improves stability. This curvature is flattened towards the tips to improve breaching performance and minimize ventilation when a tip comes out of the water. Maintaining your track is easier than ever. 

The wing features a stress optimized carbon layup over a PU core that minimizes bending at the wing root while allowing the tips to twist. A little wingtip flex reduces resistance and improves your flying experience.

Even, predictable flight. Easy, steady takeoffs. And super smooth turns. The larger size imparts a more balanced flight behavior at all speeds.


SLC Stabilizer Features

Wing Curve
The stabilizer’s dihedral curvature lets you tilt the foil into turns like a skateboard for a smoother cruising behavior. This design also makes gybes, tacks, 360s, and transitions much easier when you can feel your back wing and use it to pivot the foil.

The deeper profile is tuned to provide linear front foot pressure throughout the speed range.

High-quality lightweight carbon and PU foam construction is more complex to build than a pure carbon wing but the weight savings is worth it. And its high stiffness is a huge plus for all your maneuvers.

Engineered to perform. No detail is immaterial. Core iterated the smallest details in every component to improve performance and reduce weight.


SLC Mast

Silent. Durable. And light.
Core's extruded aluminum mast is almost as light as some carbon ones with the added durability of 6063 aircraft aluminum. And its silent trailing edge design is a welcome relief. New foilers and wave riders should consider the 71cm mast whereas the 92cm mast is our allrounder.

Core's extruded aluminum mast features a progressive five stringer, thin wall design that reinforces the highest stress areas. Precise fit tolerances ensure the mast fits tightly into the fuselage.


SLC Fuselage

Hydrodynamic. Efficient. And light.
Core's CNC’d fuselage features well-rounded edges to improve water flow over the wing and stabilizer. Core maximized the geometric wing connection surface area to reduce twist, improve stiffness, performance, and water flow. They also optimized the area between the wing and mast to minimize torsion. The fuselage behind the mast also features a top concave to improve water release. Wing angles are optimized to have a streamlined Fuselage in nominal cruising speeds for extra glide through your turns and maneuvers.

Core use anodized 6063 aluminum for strength, durability, and corrosion resistance. Equal length, stainless steel Torx head screws are interchangeable and easier to tighten without damaging the head.


SLC Mast Base

Strong like Ox.
It’s lightweight. It’s 90mm mast track compatible. And its hydrodynamic profile makes a superlative connection to your board. The deep mast socket provides a tight, secure connection with your foil. Its low profile and slick form minimize resistance during touchdowns. Core lightweighted the base while adding strategic internal struts to absorb stress from the mast stringers. And they opened the screw attachment points for quicker assembly.