Flysurfer Radical 7 Kiteboard

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Includes: kiteboard, 55cm fins & screws.

Bindings + Handle are optional.

Flysurfer Radical 7 Kiteboard


The RADICAL is the foundation for improving your style, and building confidence in all conditions. It excels in terms of speed, control and glide. Step on a versatile and comfortable allround performance twintip. Trust the excellent edge grip and pop off in the most powerful way. Ride radical!

Sizes & Colors: 128x39 Dusty Pink / 133x40 Amber / 138x42.5 White / 144x46 Ocean


The RADICAL offers unbeatable performance for every skill level, and lets you have fun in all conditions! It offers grip in strong gusts, planes in the lightest wind, and absorbs blows when the water gets choppy. The flat rocker line makes the board fast and go upwind with ease, giving a steady edge to build maximum tension before the pop. The RADICAL gives the precision needed to hit the take-off, and cushions hard landing to make the water feel like butter.

  • Very good grip and pop
  • Cushions blows and hard landings
  • Limits splash
  • Easily controllable at high speed
  • Planes early and tracks upwind excellently
  • Shorter toe edge for playful carving


Flysurfer Radical 7 Features

The Continuous Rocker is a constant curve that runs the length of the board. The shape rides comfortably and increases control in rough conditions.


The asymmetrical outline features a rounder and shorter toeside edge, which makes the board feel lively. The feature increases comfort and maneuverability while cruising toeside and offers a unique carving feeling.


Designed with a full-length wood core made of responsibly grown paulownia wood. The wood guarantees the optimal mix of flex, responsiveness, and dynamic recovery force. The board is strong, light and durable.


The double concave adds stiffness to the center of the board but also channels water through the tips, creating more pop. The double concave helps to cushion hard landings as it breaks the water easily, ideal for freestyle and big air.


A medium-hard tuned board offers the optimal combination of control, speed and pop.


All Flysurfer boards have a high-quality UV coating to ensure a long product life. The board graphics are protected under the coating, so they will not get damaged even if the board is slightly scratched.



Radical 7 Accessories

The injection-moulded fins are made of carbon-reinforced polyamide that is particularly light, shockproof and robust. The shape and size of the SOLID 55mm support guidance and upwind performance, the perfect combination for the RADICAL board line.


The SQUAD is Flysurfer's premium kiteboard binding and builds on a solid base plate. It transfers your input reliably to the board and offers a variety of adjustment options to perfectly match your foot. Decide on magnificent support combined with comfortable shock absorption, slide over the water so relaxed that even Jesus becomes jealous!




Scope of delivery ‘ready-to-ride’:
RADICAL7 Kiteboard
SQUAD Pad-Strap-Set (incl. screws + washers)
SQUAD Grab Handle (incl. screws)
SOLID 55mm Fin-Set (incl. screws + washers)
Assembly Instruction

Scope of delivery ‘board only’:
RADICAL7 Kiteboard
SOLID 55mm Fin-Set (incl. screws + washers)
Assembly Instruction

What changed from the Radical 6 to the Radical 7?
The RADICAL7 has improved edge grips and is smooth at high speed. The tips are reinforced with channels that optimally transfer power when popping off the water. In comparison, the new RADICAL is sportier, yet remains comfortable in all conditions and always gives the rider confidence. The early planing behavior and very good upwind ability are identical to the predecessor. The RADICAL6 is only better at carving.


How does the Radical 7 compare to the Flow? 
Compared to the FLOW, the RADICAL7 jumps much better and gives better control at high speed. The board cushions hard landings smoothly and allows regaining control immediately. Carving in the waves with the RADICAL is pure pleasure. The FLOW goes upwind better, planes a little earlier, and is more comfortable to ride.


How does the Radical 7 compare to the Trip?
The RADICAL7 is more playful than the TRIP. Its lighter design and medium flex make the RADICAL more comfortable. The flat bottom curve makes it easier to plane and go upwind. When it comes to packing size, the TRIP wins.