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This foil has been used once and is in excellent condition. 

Includes: 1250 Front Wing, 250 Stabilizer, 680 Fuselage, 75cm Aluminum Mast, Track Foil Mount, M8 Torx Front Screws, M6 Torx Back Screws, and Protective Foil Covers

Aero Travel Bag is NOT included. 

Fanatic Aero High Aspect 1250/250 Foil

Efficiency and glide is what Fanatic's range of high aspect foils stands for. Developed specifically for Wing Foiling, these wings will take your foiling experience to the next level. Fanatic's new highly refined AL 3.0 masts and fuselages are incredibly stiff and direct, almost 20% lighter compared to their previous models and come with an optimized drag behavior and a new trim which adds playfulness without compromising ease of use.

Fanatic's range of Aero High Aspect Foils is the go-to range for Wingfoiling. Glide, speed, pop and ease of use made these wings so popular and covers everything from lighter riders and higher winds with the small 1250 to heavier wingers on light wind lakes with the insane glide of the 2000.

Fanatic's design Team hasn’t only been testing on the water for months, the engineers behind our foils have also been analyzing and simulating the forces, speeds and different angles of hydrodynamic flow in key Foiling situations and developed a new mast profile and fuselages with optimized drag behavior and improved overall trim. The AL 3.0 masts and fuselages have been reduced massively in weight without compromising stiffness and ease of use. Instead, they add playfulness and adjustability for your progression.

From learner to freestyle to surf, these wings cover everything and all conditions and are great for SUP and Prone Foiling too, as well as pumping on the occasional flat and windless day.


Aero High Aspect Wing Sets Sizes:

  • Aero High Aspect Foil 1250: 1250 HAR front wing / 250 back wing 
    Our fastest setup is good for riders between 60-95kg with advanced level

  • Aero High Aspect Foil 1500: 1500 HAR front wing / 250 back wing 
    Plenty of lift, speed and good pumping ability will cater for most riders between 70-100kg for Wing Foiling in all conditions as well as for SUP Downwinders for the lighter riders

  • Aero High Aspect Foil 1750: 1750 HAR front wing / 300 back wing
    Early take off and maximum glide combined with exciting speeds. Mid sized to heavier riders will love the efficiency of this combo

  • Aero High Aspect Foil 2000: 2000 HAR front wing / 300 back wing
    Earliest take off, maximum glide and incredible pumping ability combined with exciting speeds. The ultimate light wind weapon!

  • Choose your mast length and fuselage depending on your skills, the conditions and your preferred discipline:

    AL 3.0 Mast options:

    • 60cm – special size for shallow waters
    • 75cm – All-round / Entry / FreestyleGo-to size for most Wing Foilers on lakes, great to start and very compact for progressive air moves. Prone and SUP Foilers of all levels in small surf.
    • 82cm – All-round / Surf / Freestyle / Downwind"One for all" mast for Wing Foilers looking for the perfect mix of being compact for freestyle, yet having length for surfing and swell. Prone and SUP foilers in medium surf. Freestyle Windsurf Foilers.
    • 90cm – Freeride / Surf / DownwindWing Foilers looking for the extra room for comfort in chop and open ocean swell. Go-to size for Windsurf Foilers.

    AL 3.0 Fuselage options: 

    • 68cm – “Advanced” – Surf / Freestyle
      Advanced Wing Foilers looking for a playful ride with responsive turning and great pop for air moves. Advanced Prone and SUP Foilers
    • 78cm – “All-round” – Entry / Freeride / Pump
      Wing Foilers of all levels progressing from entry to advanced, with the option to adjust to their level. Prone and SUP Foilers of all levels in small surf. Prone, SUP and Pump Foilers looking for an easy and stable ride with great pumping abilities
    • 90cm – “Windsurf” – All-round
      Windsurf Foilers of all levels looking for an easy and stable ride with great control also at higher speeds


    Aero High Aspect Range AL 3.0

      Modern High Aspect designs with fast profiles and direct turning behaviour – developed specifically with Wing Foiling in mind

    •  WINGS
      Carbon front and back wings with 30° layup for maximum performance with direct flex response and minimal weight

      New masts and fuselages with 19.5% weight reduction compared to previous AL masts/fuselage combos

      New mast profile with 14% drag reduction

      New Fuselages with highly improved trim and playfulness

    • TRIM
      Adjustable back wing position on the 78cm “All-round” Fuselage to adapt to conditions and rider level

      New base plate with higher walls and glued + screwed connection of mast and plate for “one-piece” connection and maximum durability

    • SCREWS
      M8 & M6 Torx screws plus tools

      Wings and fuselages fully interchangeable between Aero, Aero High Aspect and the new Flow wings with new mount. Opening the world for higher speeds for winging with the Flow 1000 for example

      Helicoil-threads in mast and fuselage for longevity and maximum strength connections

      Fuselages with extra large mounting area without pockets for bulletproof connections and maximum load spread – without getting stuck

    •  WEDGES
      Individual tuning through supplied wedges – changes angle of attack



    • AERO BAG
      Mast/Fuselage sets come with new Aero Foil Bag including covers for safe transport of your foil and all accessories.

    • COVERS
      Wing sets are delivered in covers