2022 F-One Bandit S3 Kiteboarding Kite

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Includes: kite, bag, repair kit, and manual 

F-One Bandit S3 Kite


For this third edition of the BANDIT S, the F-ONE design team has managed to deliver the perfect blend of surf and strapless freestyle components.

Highly responsive, intuitive and capable of super drift, enjoy the easy to fly nature of the kite and its impeccable handling in all conditions!
The BANDIT S3 improves riders surfing skills in no time!

  • Absolute control at all time
  • Intuitive traction
  • Amazing turning response when sheeted out
  • Instant depower to forget about your kite when surfing
  • Lighter and even more precise
  • New size available: 11 m2


    The true partner to the surfboard rider, the BANDIT S3 follows your every move in all control. You can manage the power at any time. The kite never surges in power if you throw the kite in the window, it simply allows you to kite smoothly in the right position and ride by feel. It provides a more subtle ride as well as a constant connection with your board. You are not being pulled away, nor are your trajectories being disturbed.

    Its forgiving nature make the BANDIT sits and wait for you next input.

    The BANDIT S3 offers fingertip control at all states of trim thanks to its incredibly balanced bar feel which is really comfortable on your arms.

    Turning response when sheeted out has been increased, giving you more control over the kite’s position almost at will. The kite’s handling is precise and provides a more subtle ride as well as a constant connection with your board. You are not being pulled away, nor are your trajectories being disturbed.

    Power delivery is clean, and although quick, very intuitive in feel to adapt to.

    Drifting is on point, your lines go a bit of slack and the BANDIT S3 only takes a second to retention and be ready for your next input, allowing you to keep your kite engaged at all time when surfing.

    The leading edge has a new diameter, offering more control.

    The new double vertical panel around the trailing edge offer a sleek profile for the most stable flight.

    Enjoy the unique flowing nature of the BANDIT S3 which will allow you to draw lines and get some airs in total control.



    Bandit S3 Technology 

    DELTA C-SHAPE technology design offers unmatched stabilty and steering response when fury de-powered, with the possibility of connecting the front lines higher on the leading edge of the kite.
    DELTA C-SHAPE is a patented design used by F-ONE on all kites for the past 12 years.
    This shape was the result of a design research towards maximum optimization of the aerodynamic performances of the kite and of its depower. It gives the possibility to fit more canopy area in the middle sections to create more projected area while the C Shape makes sure the kite remains responsive and fluid.

    Our fast inflation & deflation valve.

    Once the kite is sitting with the leading edge flat on the water. its C-Shape associated with the Delta Pivot allows the kite to autanaticalty roll over onto one wing tip.
    The kite will then glide towards the edge of the window, ready for quick and easy water re-launch.

    Kites with extended de-power ranges sustain more pressure across the canopy as they experience an increased frequency of use over a wider wind range.
    Consequently F-ONE has developed a completely new structure for the Bandit, offering optimized durability with no additional weight gain.
    The FORCE FRAME is a solid Dacron structure consisting of the leading edge, the trailing edge and the struts.
    This high strength skeleton structure is then covered with lightweight Spy material in the least vulnerable areas.

    TECHNOFORCE"' of TEM' is a high density Polyester fabric with a tear stopping structure using tNn and high tension yarn.



    Bandit S3 Details

    How to adjust the settings?

    SHEETED IN The back line is released and the forces go through the front connector. The bar pressure increases and the maneuvrability is less direct. It offers a very progressive bar with a feeling of a sheeted out back connector while we sheet in, therefore the pressure increases progressively.

    SHEETED OUT The kite tilts and the back line stiffens. The tensions move to the trailing edge which has several effects: - less flapping - better start - maneuverability with less pressure.

    HIGH TENSION TUNING When the kite is sheeted out with the upper knot tuning (1): -kite’s maneuverability increases -bar pressure reduces.

    LOW TENSION TUNING When the kite is sheeted out with the lower knot tuning (2):
    - kite’s maneuvrability reduces - bar pressure increases.

    LOW TENSION TUNING When the kite is sheeted out with the lower knot tuning (2):
    - kite’s maneuverability reduces - bar pressure increases.


    Stronger assembly of the pannel: they are now glued and sewn together to make the canopy more rip resistant.

    The leadings edge tips benefit from a reduce diameter, they are streamlined to lower the drag and equipped with a strap to avoid bridle tangling.

    The kite's struts are designed with a vertical cut in order to optimize the strength / diameter ratio.

    Pulley structure is extremely resistant. Bridle is integrated in the lower part of the pulley, working in its axis and not sideways. Pulleys can be removed independently from the bridle, you can change the bridle and keep the pulley or vice versa.

    Most seams on the leading edge are protected with an abrasion-resistant Kevlarg fabric to prevent the seams from deteriorating when the kite's profile is subjected to aggressive ground friction.

    Easier to remove and put back. Convenient for bladder replacement.


    F-One has built our kites for 20 years in the most state-of-the-art cloth from Teijin’s factory in Japan.
    They have developed the best technologies and quality material for their kites over the years. Teijin has worked on a few major developments with the double Ripstop on the canopy cloth and durability treatments.
    The kite industry was lacking choice of cloth density. F-One could build kites with a 52 gram per square meter for the canopy and about 160 gr for the leading edge, strut and reinforcements. Having only two choices was not easy because on some parts the 52 gr was too light and the 160 gr too heavy.
    After developments and tests with Teijin F-One can now use a new Dacron 130 gr double Ripstop on our 2020 kites.
    By using that new 130 gr cloth, they have saved weight while keeping an excellent strength. The new BANDIT 2020 is more reactive and of course feels lighter, which is particularly important for the bigger sizes, in the light wind or for the turning speed during kiteloops. 

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