Waydoo E-Foils

 Fast, quiet, and emission-free. Easy to use and fun for everyone. 

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Waydoo Flyer One+ EPP e-Foil

The sensation of flying above the water on an E-foil can be shared with the whole family. You can ride anytime anywhere on oceans, lakes, and rivers. With a long-lasting rechargeable battery, you get more time on the water. Flat water or in the waves the Waydoo has the power to get you where you want to go! With a top speed of 25 mph the power of the Waydoo is unbeatable. Fast, quiet and emissions-free, enjoy getting outdoors and on the water with just the peaceful sound of the nature that surrounds you.

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Flyer one +

Lighter faster and up to 25% more efficient than previous models. The Waydoo Flyer One+ is easy to set up so you can spend more time on the water! With anti-slip traction pads, it's easy to stand, sit, kneel, or lay as you cruise across the water. With a quick 2hrs to fully recharge you can get back on the water for multiple sessions in a day. The Flyer one+ has made set up a breeze. No more struggling with cord connections and lost screws. Simply roll up on your nearest beach, remove your PowerFlight Cell battery from the compact carry case, snap it in and get on the water.

Flyer One Carbon 

This carbon-reinforced board is durable and functional. With a quick 2hr rechargeable battery you can ride, recharge and ride some more. Track your rides with a built-in Bluetooth GPS tracker connected right to your phone. 

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Waydoo Flyer Pod
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2020 Waydoo Smart Battery
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Waydoo Outboard Converter
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Waydoo Folding Propeller

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Waydoo Flyer Pod 

The Waydoo Flyer Pod is a great accessory for anyone who is just starting out on the E-foil or wants to be able to pack a little extra stuff around with them on the water. The pod easily attaches to the board and adds buoyancy making it more stable to get up on. It also acts as a safety bumper protecting the nose and sides of the board. With the extra buoyancy and stability added by the pod you can learn faster on a smaller board opposed to needing a bigger beginner board.

Waydoo smart battery 

Double the battery, double the fun. With a spare battery you’ll never run out of time on the water. Easy to charge and trade out so you never have to pause your playtime. Compatible with both flyer one series boards.

Waydoo Outboard converter 

With the outboard converter you can take the existing mast and propeller from your Waydoo E-foil and turn a small boat or anything that floats into a electric powered water vessel! It is compatible with both Flyer One and Flyer One Plus series E-foils. 

Wade Folding Propeller 

Light weight and aero dynamic, the innovative folding propeller is the perfect accessory for wave riding or cruising swell with your Waydoo E-foil. The folding propeller’s two blades are designed to rapidly fold back when you release the throttle on the hand controller, reducing drag through the water. Not only does this increase your glide time it also saves battery as you will be able to use the power from the swell to keep you gliding through the water. 


The Jet One hand held controller lets you adjust your speed and check your battery life while riding. With 24 speed options you can start out as slow as you want and then boost it up to challenge yourself. The Jet One controller has a strong and stable connection to the board even in choppy water to keep your ride smooth. Notifying you when your battery is under 25% the jet one controller will blink and vibrate to make sure you can make it back to land before running out of battery. Along with low battery the controller includes the safety feature of automatically locking when the rider falls in the water. This making board retrieval safe and easy.

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  • Wings
  • Battery
  • Controller