New Website, Login Issues, and Green Hat Dollars

If your account was created before June 24th 2020, please RE-REGISTER HERE to login.


During COVID downtime, the Green Hat team has been hard at work updating and upgrading our business so we can service you better when we fully reopen. We have acquired and moved into a new larger shop, purchased a new boat, and migrated to a new website platform.

This new website is replacing an outdated system that was becoming obsolete. It is better in many ways. However, as with any software platform migrations, there are a few hiccups. Please be patient with us as we iron out all the bugs and create a much better shopping environment for you.  


The new platform has many great new features. Here are some of them:

  • Improved filters and search - You will now be able to search and filter by attributes like color and size. For example, try typing "12m yellow kite" or "medium seat harness" in the search box. These searches are now possible. 
  • New payment options - "Shop Pay" and "Google Pay" have already been enabled. "Amazon Pay", "Apple Pay", and "After Pay" are coming soon. 
  • New shipping methods - FedEx has been added to domestic shipping and DHL will be added to international shipping options soon. 
  • More secure hosting platform - Automatic version and security updates make this system one of the most secure online shopping platforms on the market. 


Even though all account and order history has been successfully migrated, it was not possible to migrate account passwords. The good news is that it would only take a few seconds to RE-REGISTER - just enter your name, email address, and password and you'll be able to access your account right away.


Unfortunately, there was no way for us to transfer the Green Hat Dollars to the new platform. While we are working on implementing a new reward/loyalty program, we still have access to the old system and will be offering to apply previously earned GHDs manually to your orders until October 1st 2020. The remaining Green Hat Dollars will be converted to the new reward module once it becomes operational.  

To place an order using previously earned Green Hat Dollars, please Contact us beforehand with the exact list of products you'd like to purchase as well as the email address on your account and we will email you an invoice with GHD discount applied.