2023 La Ventana Grom Fest

2023 La Ventana Grom Fest

Green Hat was proud to sponsor the 2023 Grom Fest in La Ventana Mexico, from December 27th to 30th. Supporting young riders passionate about wind and water is important to us and the future of wind sports. These young riders will be the ones keeping the sport alive and improving it as they grow. Watching the talent and passion these kids displayed on the water was truly inspiring. Not only did they give it their all, but they also demonstrated good sportsmanship on and off the water. We were fortunate to have two members of our Green Hat team at the event, with our North Team Rider Hunter Becker as one of the judges. 

La Ventana Grom Fest Contestants

Wing Foiling

As a relatively new sport in wind sports, wing foiling has taken off and is quickly becoming a favorite. Although the younger generation didn’t invent the gear they are riding, they are definitely pioneering the sport of wing foiling. By pushing the limits and attempting maneuvers none of us would have thought possible with a wing and a foil, these kids are showing us how it's done. It was truly impressive to witness the enthusiasm and drive the kids displayed while competing in the Grom Fest. From races to freestyle and big air, the wing foiling competitors wowed us with their dedication and passion for the sport. The ages of the competitors ranged from 8 to 20 years old. We loved seeing such a broad age range of kids all enjoying the outdoors and giving their all out on the water.


La Ventana Grom Fest Wing Events


Although wing foiling is making waves in the water sports scene, kiteboarding has not been forgotten. Many of the young competitors participated in both sports, showcasing their skills in kiteboarding freestyle, big air, and races. Kiteboarding is a sport that requires dedication and time to master, and you could see that these kids had invested the time. Back rolls, front rolls, rallies, and much more were on display in the kiteboarding freestyle competition. Witnessing the mastery of these skills by the kids was amazing, considering the time and effort they had devoted to reaching that level. Every minute spent on the water is a minute away from their phones, and we love seeing the next generation embracing the outdoors.


La Ventana Grom Fest Kite Events