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GTS6. Like a friend that pushes us beyond our comfort zone to a place with no limits, CORE's newest Universal Series kite unlocks your wild side. Reward yourself with mind-blowing mega loop power and deutscher precision. The indomitable GTS6. 

Core GTS6 Kite

The GTS's accomplishments may be well known amongst the hardcore freestyle crowd, but we'd also like to mention the kite's impeccable manners in unpredictable winds. It effortlessly absorbs unexpected gusts on those unforgettable downwinders and then, it delivers gut-wrenching megaloops when you unleash it. 

So what's new for the GTS6? Well, CORE beefed up the leading edge and made significant improvements to the struts. They're now lighter and more robust. the new larger diameter ExoTex Light struts resist bending, save weight, and lend a sportier, punchier feel when looping. Don't worry, everything you love about the GTS5 is still in the 6er. The three strut, Future-C canopy still forms the nucleus of the GTS.

Is the GTS6 right for you? Do you enjoy a proper yank from a legit looping machine? Are you experimenting with mega loop board-offs? Do your surfboard aerials rival your twin tip tricks? If you answered yes, then this kite is for you.



Core GTS6 Kite Features

Key Features

Same ExoTex benefits. Just a little lighter. No-stretch ExoTex Light Dacron incorporated a re-engineered radial thread pattern and emulsion (protective coating) process that reduces mass by approximately 10%. The larger diameter struts resist bending, save weight, and lead a sportier, punchier feel when looping. the lighter struts also improve the GTS's drifting - an important attribute for freestylers and wave riders. 


Three struts promote more twist while providing rock-solid canopy stability. More twist initiates faster turns and fewer struts reduce kite weight.


the Gen6 carriers over the familiar GTS C-kite feel we all have in come to love. The high aspect ratio, open C shape delivers smooth and controllable kite loops and that unmistakable "on-center" feel. When paired with the new Sensor 3 bar, riders will immediately feel the GTS6's sweet spot and appreciate the kite's linear response when sheeting in and out. try a Future-C kite and you'll never go back. 


The GTS6 inherit cat-like reflexes from it's square-ish, 'C-style' wingtips. CORE fine-tuned the leading edge profile to provide confidence-inspiring reflexes, agility, and directional control. 


A quick relaunch is critical when you have a menacing wave or obstacle that is about to eat your kite. CORE designed the kite to find its relaunch position in a jiffy. Wave riders will appreciate how well the kite releases from the water with a quick tug, especially when time is of the essence. And freestylers will appreciate the GTS^'s quick relaunch between tricks. 




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