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Beastmount Kiteboarding GoPro Line Mount V2

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Beastmount Kiteboarding GoPro Line Mount V2


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The Beastmount kiteboarding line mount is the newest and best line mount out there. Your camera sits between the lines, ensuring stable and clear photos and video! The Beastmount features a unique one-piece design with no rubber bands or plugs, no shaky shots, your kite 4-line safety flagout works, and super fast installation to your kitelines! This is a universal mount design that will mount any GoPro camera or action sports camera with a GoPro-style mount.

To install, simply wrap your center like around the arms of the mount, making sure the fixed center line goes through the arm of the mount with the camera while the line your kite flags out on goes through the arm of the mount without the camera. The mount is held in position by line tension and the the internal routing of the arms allows the safety line to slide through the mount if the kite safety is released.


  • Beastmount Kite Line Mount
  • GoPro screw

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Awesome Pictures, but can cause line tangles!

Ok, so I have a love hate relationship with this. 5 Stars for doing what it should. 1 Star for safety/line tangling issues. (I've broken two of these and haven't had the courage to use the third yet.) I've used it a decent amount and it gives amazing video shots. It is really easy to install on the lines and take off. However I've also had a few of my worst kitemares with this thing. One on a huge jump where I didn't redirect the kite enough and swung under my kite, causing it to fall out of the sky. When the kite drifted to re tension the lines a line caught on this mount and caused a death loop. By the time I hit the release the lines were so wrapped I had to completely release the kite. A second time this happened was on a very light wind day when the kite fell out of the sky. While drifting and trying to relaunch my kite, one of the lines got caught on the mount again and caused the kite to loop. Fortunately I hit the release fast enough and was able to get the lines untangled.

*So I love this for the video and picture opportunity but I would only recommend it for use when you know you are stomping your tricks. Aka a more intermediate to advanced rider. If you are dropping your kite in the water left and right then pass on this until you have more experience.
Review by Benji / (Posted on 5/20/2018)

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