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Progression Kiteboarding Intermediate DVD Volume 2

Progression Kiteboarding Intermediate DVD Volume 2

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2 Item(s)

This is a very good teaching video.

It not only shows you how to do it, it also shows you common mistakes. And it does so in a way that you can relate to the mistakes and see the reasoning of how to avoid it. Also helpful were the split screens that showed what the kite was doing, at the same time as the rider and board. This helped me understand the "timing" issues a better, and helped me do my first air transition. Downsides: more variety of tricks could have been covered if they didn't cover each one in such exhausting detail. Loading up the DVD and navigating to your desired section seemed slow. And yeah, the music and volume control of the music on the DVD gets annoying.
Review by Jerry Alden / (Posted on 2/12/2009)

bad music, but informative

let's start with the bad point: The music, it's killing me, really annoying music
besides the music, this is a really good video, each move is decomposed in 2 parts, the legs and the kite. it explains what you should be doing with each part for a jump, backloops, backloops transitions etc
it definitely helped me to improve. Through each move, i am now thinking about what i should be doing with the kite,my body, my legs etc.
additionally, following the video progression really helps to improve in the right order.
jumps come before jumps transitions. then backloops, then backloops transition, following the video makes progression easier
Review by Francois Lupi / (Posted on 6/6/2008)

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