TAAROA Sword 2 Addict Foilboard

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TAAROA Sword 2 Addict Foilboard

The board has a very important role in foil navigation. Its shape must allow for comfortable riding and facilitate aerial manoeuvers.

With this in mind, Taaroa has developed the Addict board. It's double concave, which is only at the front, minimises impact when "touching" the water. The new "Pro Box" mounting box facilitates the connection with the mast allowing a better distribution of force.

It's epoxy and fiberglass construction confers excellent strength to this board. The position of the foot straps at the front is adjustable, thanks to 5 insert positions. Thus allowing all types of riders to choose their style of navigation.



    • 154cm X 51cm X 7.5cm

    • 5’0 X 20.1’’ X 2.9’’

    • 34 litres


This board only works with PRO BOX mast (Taaroa Sword foils, Cabrinha AV8 foils, and any other foils with a Pro Box Tuttle on top of the mast).

Straps are not included

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