S26 Naish Hover Wing/SUP 100L Inflatable Foilboard (Contact for Availability)

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Includes: board, carrying case, pump, and repair kit

S26 Naish Hover Wing/SUP Inflatable Foilboard

The brand new Hover Inflatables set the standard for compact wing foiling and SUP foiling. These boards are easy to travel with and roll up to a backpack size for travel and storage. Although they’re inflatables, Naish made zero concessions when it comes to performance. Built with a double dropstitch construction and single center stringer, the Hover Inflatables are extremely stiff for superior foiling performance.

The 6" sidewall also contributes to the overall board stiffness, volume and stability. The carbon foil mount spreads the load of a foil evenly, giving a composite like board ride while keeping overall weight to a minimum. For traveling Wing-Surfers or SUP Foilers, the Hover Inflatable makes travel easy without sacrificing performance.

S26 Naish Inflatable Construction

  • Double Layer Dropstitch = Superior stiffness + lightweight
  • Single Center Stringer = Added stiffness
  • Carbon Foil Mount = Precise + lightweight foil mount

Performance Features of the Hover Wing/SUP Inflatable Board

  • Compact Shape = Excellent foiling performance for SUP or Wing-Surfing
  • Superior Stiffness = Great control + performance while foiling
  • Wide Outline = Stable when not up on foil


Hover Wing/SUP Specs

Volume: 100 L
Lenght ft: 5'3"
Lenght cm: 160 cm
Width: 27"/68.6 cm
Thickness: 6"/15.2 cm

Volume: 135 L
Lenght ft: 5'7"
Lenght cm: 170.2 cm
Width: 30"/76.2 cm
Thickness: 6"/15.2 cm

Volume: 170 L
Lenght ft: 6'7"
Lenght cm: 200.7 cm
Width: 33"/83.8 cm
Thickness: 6"/15.2 cm