S25 Naish Boxer Kiteboarding Kite

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Includes: Kite & Kite Bag.



Winner of The Kite Mag’s Ultimate Test Single-Strut Category 2 years in a row, the Boxer sets the standard for one-strut kites. Refined and powerful, the Boxer delivers incredible low-end power while it’s Quad-Tex canopy and Luff Strut contribute to a refreshing top-end. The Luff Strut allows the canopy to expand and contract which aids in smooth power delivery in gusty conditions.

Designed primarily for foiling, the Boxer has a great range of power in the throw, quick “pivoting” turns and also has great downwind drift. These characteristics also make the Boxer amazing for light wind free-riding and down-the-line kitesurfing. The Boxer also has the widest range in sizes available of any Naish kite, ranging from the all new 2.8m all the way up to 16m.


  • Lightweight

    • Great efficiency

      • Great low end power

        • Versatile

          • Great depower

            • Light pull

              • Light load

                • Direct & quick response

                  • Great relaunch

                    • Responds to light input

                      • Easy to control

                        • “Sheet-in-and-go” feel + easy jumping

                          CONSTRUCTION + TECHNOLOGY

                          • NEW! SureLock Valve = Streamlined valve + pump hose locks to valve. A SureLock valve pump nozzle is included.

                            • NEW! One Point Inflation System with 8 mm Hoses = Easy inflation & deflation of kite

                              • Luff Strut = The strut’s relaxed connection to the canopy creates a dynamic structure, which allows the canopy to freely expand & contract, while maintaining the strength of a strutted framework to handle heavier loads with ease

                                • Quad-Tex Ripstop Fabric = Stiffest, strongest canopy material on the market

                                  • Shark Teeth Trailing Edge = Reduces weight while minimizing & dispersing canopy flutter

                                    • Bladder Lock = Secures bladders ends + prevents slippage

                                      • HT Plus = This high-tensile thread fortifies the leading edge along the seam, so you can confidently inflate to higher pressure for better flying characteristics

                                        • Constant Leading Edge Taper = Perfect transfer of torque from wingtip to entire kite

                                          • Anti-Stiction Window = Flow-through window on wingtip to reduce static friction + allows easy relaunch by letting water drain instantly

                                            • Angled Wingtip = Torsion transmission to entire LE + low drag on water for relaunch

                                              • Constant Leading Edge Taper = Perfect transfer of torque from wingtip to entire kite