Ozone Subzero V1 Foil Kite (Snow)

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  • Technical Mountain Backpack
  • Contact Snow V4 Control System 
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Whether your passion is Freeride or Backcountry missions, the new Subzero has you covered! 


Includes: Kite only

Optional Technical Backpack

Contact Snow V4 Control Bar sold separately.

Ozone Subzero V1 Snow Kite

  • Dedicated Snowkite Performance
  • Freeride and Backcountry Machine
  • Latest Foil Kite and Paraglider design technology 
  • Industry Leading Re-Ride Release System


The Subzero V1 is a completely new design dedicated purely for snowkiting. Together with Ozone's latest design understanding, the Ozone Subzero Snow Kite combines Ozone's favorite characteristics of the legendary Frenzy and Summit models into one all-round performance open cell foil kite.

Freeriders will feel at home with the Subzero. Ozone's design team has refined the bridle configuration to offer an amazing feeling on the bar. The new planform and profiles offer ultimate stability in gusty winds and optimized strap positions distribute load evenly throughout the sail, this all translates to smooth, predictable power delivery and snappy handling.

The Subzero allows the adventurous to push the boundaries of the snowy backcountry. It has incredible potential due to its fast direct handling and amazing power generation in light winds, but also big de-power in strong winds. The Subzero’s enhanced stability makes difficult backcountry rides and mountain climbing more accessible and enjoyable. Combine that with our revolutionary Internal Re-Ride Release System and you have the ultimate backcountry Snowkite.

The Subzero V1 is available as a Kite Only option with the lightweight Kompressor Bag, or Kite Complete with the Contact-Snow Control System and Technical Mountain Backpack. We recommend adding the Snowkite Kompressor Bag to the kite complete option to keep your kite packed and secured as small as possible.


Ozone Subzero Features

  • Designed With OZ-CAD:
    All Ozone kites and wings are designed and developed using our Ozone's highly advanced custom built CAD software. Ozone's designers are able to work with features specifically tailored to the unique forms and structures of technical inflatable and foil kites and wings. Part of Ozone's design team is dedicated to the upgrade of the CAD code and addition of new modules and features to the program as the development of our products continues.


    • Exceptional Ozone Factory Construction:
      World-class construction in Ozone's factory, using the highest quality materials and hand checked Quality Control at every step. The Ozone factory also manufactures the Paragliding and Speed Wing range; the same Quality Control processes are used across all products.


      • Internal Re-Ride Release System:
        Ozone's unique Internal Re-Ride Release System is the market leading Snowkite release and landing system. It has made mountain climbing and packing so much more enjoyable, safe, easy and quick for the user. When activated the kite de-powers instantly without tangling, and will sit on the ground ready to re-launch when you’re ready again.


        • High quality OzTex 40D:
          Ozone uses durable OzTex 40D material on their standard range of snow kites. This material sets the benchmark in quality with proven superiority in durability and dynamics for snow specific kites.


          • Double pulley Speed System:
            Using high spec low friction Ronstan Orbit pulleys to reduce wear and rider fatigue while improve feeling and performance of the kite.


            • L.E Opening Battens:
              Flexible lightweight plastic battens are precisely positioned at each Leading Edge cell opening. The battens enhance structure of the openings, this means quicker and easier inflation.


              • Internal Diagonals and Straps:
                Internal span-wise straps work in unison with optimized diagonal ribs, distributing load from the bridles evenly and effectively. This increases the internal structural balance that helps control the kites top and bottom surfaces to maintain the designed shape and profile without being distorted from indirect tension or loads.


                • Sheathed Bridle Lines:
                  High quality, low stretch sheathed Dyneema bridle lines for maximum strength and performance. This is the same bridle line Ozone has used on their Snowkite range for the past 10 years.


                  • Blow out valves:
                    Under surface Blow-out-valves help avoid damage by releasing excess internal air pressure if the kite is crashed into the ground.


                    • Dirt-out wing tips:
                      The Velcro sealed cells at the tips can be opened for cleaning the kite. Always clean your kite by emptying any snow or debris as this will prolong the life of the kite and help it fly as designed.


                      • Tuned Bridle Geometry:
                        Ozone works extensively during their R&D process to develop the size range to feel in tune with each other. Every kite has a unique bridle layout, individually tested and fine-tuned to maximize the feeling and performance.


                        • Fool proof line connectors:
                          Fool proof line connectors prevent incorrect rigging of the flying lines to the kite.


                        • A high spec technical mountain bag with loads of features and everything you’ll need for a big day out in the mountains
                        • 60 litre size, enough volume to carry two kites plus extra equipment
                        • Large front zip makes packing and finding items quick and easy
                        • Large top pocket for smaller items
                        • Two side pockets for bottles or telescopic ski poles within easy reach
                        • Small pockets on the waist strap for quick access items such as a camera or phone
                        • Straps for your skis or snowboard, or another kite on the outside
                        • Fully adjustable shoulder, chest and waist straps 
                        • The waist straps can easily be removed and the bag can be connected to the Connect harness directly saving weight and enhancing comfort


                        Snowkite Technical Mountain Backpack

                        Ozone Technical Backpack


                        Ozone Contact Snow V4 Control System

                          Innovative Click-In Loop
                          An all-new push-away quick release with an innovative one-step Click-In reload function that is incredibly intuitive. The release handle fits comfortably in the hand, it is quick and easy to activate the release by pushing the handle away. A self-positioning release mechanism locates automatically, ready to be re-loaded by simply ‘clicking’ in the loop. The Click-In Loop is AFNOR NF S52-503 certified.

                          'The Click-In Loop is a step in the right direction to making your kiting experience easier, wherever your adventures may take you...' 


                          Design Inspiration
                          What’s the first thing you do when you get in a car? You click in your seatbelt, hearing that ‘click’ sound makes you feel secure that you are safely buckled up, and you know instinctively how to release it.

                          The design of our new release system, the Click-In Loop, is inspired by the same principle.
                          In the same way fastening your seatbelt has become a natural action when getting into a car, riders should activate and reload their release systems before and after every use.

                          Although this important safety check is often overlooked, checking your release before each session will ensure it is functioning properly. We developed the Click-In function to be simple and intuitive, so activating and reloading will become second nature.

                          VIEW ALL CONTROL SYSTEM FEATURES