Ozone Pure V1 Foil Kite (Snow)

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The Pure V1 is Ozone's cost effective, entry level, de-power foil kite. It was designed exclusively to make the process of learning snowkiting accessible and easy from the very first session.

Includes: kite, bag, and control bar

Ozone Pure V1 Snow Kite

  • Entry level snow kite
  • Stable and User Friendly
  • Great value for money


The design of the Pure V1 is relatively simple which helps make it an exceptionally stable kite.

It launches easily and inflates constantly while rising up to the zenith without high acceleration. The handling is very progressive which is ideal for riders with little or no previous kite flying experience.

Power delivery is smooth and constant with intuitive de-power capabilities, making for a good wind range per size. The Pure V1 will give you the peace of mind to focus on each step towards getting going on the snow!


Features of the Pure V1

  • Exceptional Ozone Factory Construction: 
    World-class construction in Ozone's factory, using the highest quality materials and hand checked Quality Control at every step. The Ozone factory also manufactures our Paragliding and Speed Wing range; the same Quality Control processes are used across all products.
  • High Quality OzTex 40D: 
    Ozone uses durable OzTex 40D material on their standard range of snow kites. This material sets the benchmark in quality with proven superiority in durability and dynamics for snow specific kites.
  • Tuned Bridle Geometry: 
    Ozone worked extensively during their R&D process to develop the size range to feel in tune with each other. Every kite has a unique bridle layout, individually tested and fine-tuned to maximize the feeling and performance.
  • Designed with OZ-CAD: 
    All Ozone kites and wings are designed and developed using their own highly advanced custom built CAD software. Ozone's designers are able to work with features specifically tailored to the unique forms and structures of technical inflatable and foil kites and wings. Part of Ozone's design team is dedicated to the upgrade of the CAD code and addition of new modules and features to the program as the development of their products continues.
  • Single Pulley System: 
    Low friction pulleys reduce wear and improve bar feel.



Ozone designed a new control system specifically for the Pure V1, incorporating a trimmer-less system to keep it clean and easy to use. The back leader line knots provide the trim option to increase power, turn speed and feeling on the bar.

The Pure V1 has been developed using relatively short flying lines, the 12m lines are the ideal length for new comers to safely learn and progress. Included in the package are 5m line extensions for an increased wind-window, providing more power for lighter wind days.

Self-landing the Pure V1 is simple and easy by pulling the brake handle between the back leader lines on the control system; the kite will stall down to the ground, when you are ready to launch again simply let go of the brake handle to re-inflate the kite.

Ozone's time proven Front Line Flag Out is simple and effective. If you need to immediately stop all power from the kite, activate the release system and the Pure V1 will flag out to one front line, immediately stopping all power delivery.