Ozone Compressor Bag Small DEMO / USED

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This bag has been used 5 times and is in good condition.

Includes: small compression bag only

Ozone Compressor Bag

The compressor keeps the leading edge plastic profile battens contained in the same way the kites come from the factory.

It requires a little more time to pack a kite, however Ozone highly recommend using it as this protects the kite and the Leading Edge battens from potential deformation.

Light weight materials, internal compression straps and a breathable mesh lining keep weight and packing size to a minimum - perfect when traveling with multiple kites.

The Closed Cell Compressor bag is specially designed for Ozone's high performance foil kites such as the Chrono and R1.

  • Designed for High Performance Foil Kites
  • Secure packing with Leading Edge concertinaed
  • Light weight with internal compression straps


    Kite & Bag Size

    R1: 6/7/8/9
    CHRONO: 7/9

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