Ocean Rodeo Stick Shift 2.0 Control Bar (Contact for Availability)

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Includes: Slingshot Compstick Guardian Control Bar

Ocean Rodeo Stick Shift 2.0 Control Bar

If you haven't tried an on-the-bar depower control bar, you're missing out. Like the 2019 Duotone Click Bar, the Ocean Rodeo Stick Shift 2.0 gives riders easily accessible, smooth control. This is great for all kiters, but smaller kiters will appreciate not having to reach for the depower trim line whlie on the water. The 2.0 also has a smaller bar diameter than the first version, so it has a more comfortable grip for smaller hands. It's a great bar for kiters

What Ocean Rodeo Says About the Ocean Rodeo Stick Shift 2.0 Control Bar

Back line trim is here to stay! Get on the water to experience the future of kite control! Ocean Rodeo is once again leading the industry, this time with the introduction of back line trim technology. Our first generation Stick Shift bar was a brand new concept to the industry in 2017 with a completely new and innovative approach to trim control! No more arguing, back line trim control is here to stay! Overwhelming user feedback shows, back line trim control is far better than traditional front line trim! The newly updated Stick Shift features a number of fine adjustments, including a much more compact and well finished 8th generation trim loop assembly!

The Stick Shift 2.0 is 52 cm length.

Ocean Rodeo’s 2018 bars come complete with a premium bar bag. Coil zip for easy access. Mesh panels for quick drying. Inside pocket for pigtail storage. Includes assorted pigtails.

Comes complete with a 20” HD Kite Leash. Heavy duty 2.5cm (1”) wide webbing with flat elastic core. Corrosion resistant stainless clip with neoprene cover. Punch Out (push away) release cuff with pin and loop reset.


Key Features of the Ocean Rodeo Stick Shift 2.0

  • R3 G-Stop
  • Groove Bar
  • Helix Force Tension
  • Relaunch Bead