Moses Onda 75 Alu 633/483 Kite Foil

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Moses Onda 75 Alu 633/483 Kite Foil

The new Moses Onda hydrofoil is a freeride kiter or surfers dream. With a new lower aspect wing, this step up is ready to draw squiggly lines like you favorite two-year-old artist. Its lighter weight allows for even faster directional changes, while its gull wing dihedral design flows back under your feet after the G-force subsides.

Package includes:

    • 1x Moses 75cm Aluminum mast and plate collar
    • 1x MFs710A Fuselage 710 Alum
    • 1x MW633-18 Wing 633mm
    • 1x MS483-18 Stabilizer 483mm
    • 3x Flat Head Screw M6x20mm
    • 2x Flat Head Screw M6x16mm


    • Features light and stiff high-modulus carbon Wing construction
    • User-friendly freeride performance
    • A carbon/Aluminum foil anyone can ride
    • Inverted gull wing is "self-centering"
    • Tons of low-end range for light wind foiling


75cm Aluminum mast and plate collar: durable, affordable, top quality performance without the price.

High Modulus Carbon Wing Construction: lightest, most flexible and durable inserts in the industry.

Inverted Gull Wing: self-centering, playful front wing makes this foil the perfect carbon foil that anyone can ride

Tech Specs:

Mast Height Fuselage Length Combined Wt. Front Wing Rear Wing Base Foil Speed Range
75cm 710 8.5 lbs. 633 mm 483 mm Pedestal 6 - 25 knots