Step 1: Intro to Kiteboarding - Trainer Kite & Video Package

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Goal: To prepare for your on the water Kiteboarding Lessons

Fly the trainer kite until you have full control with one-hand on the bar and without looking at the kite for at least 2 minutes. This skill will save you money and time when you take a lesson.

Trainer Kite & Video Package


- Our standard intro package comes with 1.8m HQ Fluxx kite. Additional kite options available as an upgrade.. See package drop down menu for available kites.
"Progression: Beginner 2nd edition"  Online Video Voucher Code for digital video collection. Progression is the most professional, well organized, complete kiteboarding instructional video collection ever made (we watched most of them, if not all). The digital collection can be played on your phone or computer through the Progression Video app.

    Trainer Kite Options

    We only carry the best trainers on the market.

    - HQ Fluxx is a great price point trainer kite and will work perfectly well to complete the requirements needed for the Kite Skills step of our lesson program.

      - HQ Rush PRO provides a 3rd line for beginners to easily relaunch, and is more durable. 

      We've designed this kiteboarding package to help you save money and time. You don't need an instructor to learn how to fly a small trainer kite and to acquire basic kiteboarding theory and terminology. This package is the first step in learning to kiteboard and is highly recommended before taking any kite skills lesson. This kiteboarding package allows you to:

      • Learn how to steer small power kite
      • Learn kiteboarding theory and terminology

      If you would like to get in the water faster during your lesson, this package is a must. The skill acquired by flying a trainer kite significantly reduces your learning curve and allows you to progress much faster during your first lesson. This kiteboarding package also greatly reduces the chance of having to have multiple days of lessons needed to get up on the board ( waterstarts). Many people start to learn kiteboarding by flying a trainer kite as part of a lesson at most kiteboarding schools. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for instructor's time flying a trainer kite, you can fly it yourself and own the trainer kite with the video at a lower cost.

      This or any other video cannot replace professional instructions. We strongly do not recommend flying a large power kite without professional instructions.

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