Flying Sardine Carbon Race Control Bar 60cm DEMO / USED

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This bar has been used and is in good condition.

Includes: 60cm bar and 10m lines

Flying Sardine Carbon Race Control Bar

Simple, light weight carbon race control bar with all important features. Perfect for hydrofoiling and travel.

This extremely light weight kite control bar has been custom designed and hand crafted specifically for hydrofoil racing. Flying Sardine control bar is 100% carbon and very durable, yet you will barely notice it in your hands. Having a simple, light control bar helps the rider feel more connected to the kite and simplifies air tacks and jibes.

Weighing only a fraction of a regular production bar, makes it super easy for travel. You will no longer have to worry about going over airlines' weight limits if you bring a bar for every kite you have.

Every bar has been hand made and assembled in Portugal.

This race bar can be used with any snap shackle. We recommend using a shackle that can be released under heavy load (for example: Wichard Quick Release Shackle).



  • Grip wrapping for refined control.
    • Closed off tips.
      • On the fly adjustable leader lines.
        • Smooth depower line opening for less wear and tear.
          • Above the bar, double pulley race depower system.
            • Color coded sides.


                • Bar: <100 grams or < 1/4 lb
                  • Complete bar (without lines): ~250 grams or ~1/2 lbs

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