Fanatic Aero Lift 2400/300 Wing Set

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Includes: 2400 Aero Lift Carbon Front Wing, 300 Carbon Stabilizer, Hardware, and Protective Wing Covers


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Fanatic Aero Lift Wing Set

The new Aero Lift Wing is designed for the easiest access to the sensation of flying above the water with a foil - regardless of previous watersports experience or your size or weight

Passive take-offs and stable flights are the qualities Fanatic had in mind when designing the new Aero Lift 2400, Fanatic's ultimate flight guarantee for every entry level rider. With 110cm of span, a wider chord and a very lifty profile, the wing takes off at lowest speeds and just keeps flying through wind holes and all your early maneuvers. Incredible stability guarantees a quick learning curve, yet the impressive speed and glide of a wing for that size will let you enjoy the Aero Lift for much longer than just the first few sessions. It’s a wing you’ll keep in your quiver for the light days and for anyone else you’re going to hook up with your new passion.

The Aero Lift 2400 is designed with the 300cm back wing and the wings are best matched with the 78cm fuselage for the ultimate lift and flying stability.


    Aero Lift Wing Set Features

      Modern mid aspect design with wider chord and lifty profile offering earliest take-off and incredibly easy flying behaviour

    •  WINGS
      Carbon front and back wings with 30° layup for maximum performance with direct flex response and minimal weight

      Wings and fuselages fully interchangeable between Aero, Aero High Aspect and the new Flow wings with new mount. Opening the world for higher speeds for winging with the Flow 1000 for example

      Fuselages with extra large mounting area without pockets for bulletproof connections and maximum load spread – without getting stuck

    •  WEDGES
      Individual tuning through supplied wedges – changes angle of attack



    • COVERS
      Wing sets are delivered in covers