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This 6.5m kite has only been used once. It is in like new condition with no rips, tears or repairs.

Elf Joker 6 Foil Kite

Elf Joker 6 is the latest version of the Joker series. It's original design has become a standard in the racing scene and has been used as a model for all other race airfoils.

All Elf kites are hand sawn in Saint Petersburg (Russia) using materials of the highest quality. Joker 6 has been approved by the IKA for all World Cup racing events. It is one of the top 2 highest performing kites on the race course at this time. However, we believe that it is not just great for racing.

Freeriders will find Elf Joker 6 to offer amazing wind range, especially on the low end. Due to it's profile and extremely light weight construction, 15 and 18m Jokers will stay in the air in sub 5knot winds and provide a very good lift to get on plane. Boosting on these kites is incredible - long and floaty jumps feel more like flying than jumping. Jokers are extremely stable and forgiving in the air; however, if crashed, relaunch-ability in 8+ knot winds will pleasantly surprise you. Unlike most other airfoils, Joker holds it's shape really well and stays inflated even when not in flight. This gives it a huge advantage during both land launch and water re-launch.

Whether racing or not, if you're are foiler, these kites are a must for a full foiling experience. The extra lift provided by the airfoil construction adds to the feeling of weightlessness and offers a truly magical floating feeling. Tacks and gibes are more forgiving and much easier to learn. Plus upwind angles and speeds can not be matched by any inflatable kites.


From Manufacturer:

If you are looking for high performance kites for kiteboarding course racing, freeride and cross-country, the Joker-6 gets the most out of all wind strenghts. Peak your experience with these series of kites that will have you ripping!

Experienced riders will have plenty of power with this high aspect ratio kite, our power monster kite, easy to jump, providing great stability.

If you race water, land or snow this is the perfect kite for you, with the best technology imaginable. A great benefit while riding with a foil board or course board.

With its front of the line flag out safety technology, Joker-6 gives you an easy relaunch, fast turning, direct feel, enhanced profiles, fast turning and a lot of fun to fly!

The Joker-6 unique design results in extreme fight efficiency with its high number of cells, positioning the ribs close together, to create a smoother surface with less drag and maintain a clean profile.

The high performance lines is of very high quality which helps you achieve your goal of maximum performance.

Elf uses their extensive knowledge in wing development and its history in aerodynamics to create this cutting edge kite. Be sure to take a test ride and be amazed with its performance and potential, letting you push your ride to the next level. We pride ourselves with the originality of our kites by top of the line design and manufacture, using the highest quality materials, constructed with top materials including nylon and carbon fiber elements.


Sizes available: 6.5, 9, 11, 15, 18

IKA registration
ELF kites is passionate about kite-racing and has registered the Joker-6 kite officially. This allows you to attend every official IKA racing event.

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