Delta Complete Kite Foil M-Frame Kit

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Includes: Front Wing of your choice, recommended Fuselage and Stabilizers (see chart below), M-Frame Mast of your choice, Base Plate, and Hardware (HW) (6) M8x30 screws, (1) M8x25 screw, and (2) M8x20 screws. 

Foil to board mounting hardware is NOT included. 


Front Wing  Recommended Fuselage Recommended Stabilizer
890 Reflex
1500 Reflex
Standard Standard
1660 Surf
Standard Standard


Please contact us if you would like a different fuselage or stabilizer. 


Delta Complete Kite Foil M-Frame Kit

Front Wings

The 890 Reflex (previously called the Cozumel) features a low aspect ratio design and Delta’s patent pending reflex foil technology. This wing has plenty of lift and is extremely stable across the entire speed range. Word on the water is this is an extremely fun and maneuverable wing.  This is also a great wing for learning to kite foil, as it is extremely stable.   
Wing Area: 890cm2
Wing Span: 56cm
Aspect Ratio: 3.5


The 1500 Reflex (previously called the 1500 mono) handles like a much smaller wing, and is maneuverable and fast while providing plenty of lift. A perfect wing for riders of any size who want to learn, this wing is also a great cross-over wing, as it can be used for kite, wing, or surf. It’s also extremely stable, and for those looking for a challenge, it can be ridden without a stabilizer.
Wing Area: 1500cm2
Wing Span: 75cm
Aspect Ratio: 3.75


1660 SURF
The 1660 is a maneuverable surf wing designed for riders over 180 lbs or for anyone looking to make the most of lighter wind. This wing is also suitable for wing and wake foiling.
Wing Area: 1660cm2
Wing Span: 82cm
Aspect Ratio: 4
Use: Surf




LONG 770 
For wing foiling, Delta recommend using the longer, 770, fuselage, as this will provide greater pitch stability and make foot switches a whole lot easier. The 770 fuselage is also recommended for foil surfing with the high aspect ratio wings. The 770 fuselage has a greater cross-sectional area and is better at supporting the large torque load generated by high aspect wings.


STANDARD (Recommended with all Front Wings offered)
The standard Delta fuselage is perfect for kite foiling and for foil surfing with the 1500 Reflex wing.




Recommended with the 890 Reflex front wing.


Recommended with the 1500 Reflex and 160 Surf front wings.