Delta Cozumel Hydrofoil

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Includes: Carbon front wing, Carbon stabilizer, Carbon fuselage, Carbon plate, and Aluminium mast

Delta Cozumel Hydrofoil

The Delta Cozumel Hydrofoil package was developed with progression, versatility, and budget in mind. Not only is it one of the easiest foils for learning your first flight, it is also great for progressing to an advanced level foiler. Designed for maximum stability in all 3 dimensions (pitch, yaw, and roll), the Cozumel wing feels like standing on a platform and makes progression a breeze. In fact, the Cozumel is so stable, you can ride it without the stabilizer (not recommended for beginner foilers).

While, the light weight and stiffness of Delta's carbon fiber Wings, Plate, and Fuselage make it easy to handle on and off the water, aluminum mast allows for inexpensive upgrades to different configurations. The Cozumel is a slow and steady wing - which also makes it great for catching waves with the kite. Although, you will not be winning any races, if you'd like to get the feel for speed, an affordable upgrade to the Cayman wing will get you comfortably cruising at 25mph. Other wing options will be available soon.
Standard Carbon Plate allows this foil to be used on any Foil Board with a track mount.

Delta Cozumel foil offers unprecedented ease of use, high quality, versatile package at an unbeatable price.



- Mostly Carbon Fiber Construction: Wing, Stabilizer, Fuselage, and Mast Plate
- Light weight aluminum mast with different length options
- Plate mount compatible with most foil boards
- Extreme Pitch, Yaw, and Roll stability
- Easily replaceable parts for different types of foiling.

Weight: 7.1lbs

Mast height: 24" or 32" or both.


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