2022 North Pulse Kiteboarding Kite

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Includes: Kite, Bag, and Repair Kit

2022 North Pulse


The explosive pop, powerful fast turns and responsive steering of North's high-performance Hybrid-C kite will set your heart pumping. The Pulse comes alive in unhooked  Freestyle, and  makes landing even the most technical tricks instinctive. Its upright, low sweep design ensures the twist introduced by the steering impulse goes much deeper into the centre of the kite, so it turns throughout the entire canopy and the power delivery is constant through the entire loop. The leaner profile entry and slightly higher aspect ratio of the Pulse makes it efficient and smooth-handling, especially in extreme overpowered conditions.  Featuring  lighter weight N-FORCE 75 heavy duty canopy reinforcement material  for a durable, faster-flying kite with increased performance and lift, drive through the kite loop, better recovery and improved slack line and pop.  And introducing new lighter weight bladders in sizes 10m and above. The Pulse is the ultimate in performance freestyle, with impressive freeride capabilities for super-high boosts and kite-loops


Features of the North Pulse

  • Fast responsive steering

  • Balanced line slack for handle passes and unhooking

  • Dynamic edge response

  • More durable

  • New lightweight bladders in sizes 10m and above

  • New DuraLite seam protection  

  • New ergonomic HyperFlow rapid inflation

  • N-FORCE 75 lightweight canopy reinforcement material

  • Aerodynamic profile transition panels 

  • Quality Dacron inflated structures 

  • No-pulley low drag bridle lines   

  • 2-stage arc design

  • Kevlar reinforced strut system with bridle deflectors   

  • Personalized performance tuning options   

  • Flying with the North Navigator Control System is recommended (sold separately)



North Pulse Technology

FlexPulse Structure
The low sweep hybrid-C arc shape gives the kite a more powered turn through the entire wing. Its upright design ensures the twist from the steering lines runs deeper into the center of the canopy. 
As a result of this upright FlexPulse structure, the power produced through the turn is constant through the entire loop, rather than just pivoting off the tip and then having a dead spot in the loop. The added energy and efficiency produced through the entire loop means the kite can come around quickly to catch you, and lofts nicely for a good landing.  


Bridled Hybrid-C Design
Combining the attributes of a C-kite and a less upright, wider 2-stage arc kite together gives you a kite that's not only efficient, but still has many of the attributes and behaviors of a C-kite. 
In today’s world a pure C-kite is not as efficient as what most people are used to riding - the Pulse Hybrid-C design blends the best of both worlds, producing the ultimate unhooked performer with balanced line slack for handle passes and unhooking. The 2-stage arc enables a smooth curved efficient central region of the kite to produce power, with straighter wing tips for a more dynamic steering response. A narrower span kite such as the Pulse is fast in flight, with less power overall.


Dynamic Edge Response
A combination of higher aspect ratio, smaller diameter leading edge and aerodynamic, leaner profile entry enables the Pulse to fly forward quickly after an explosive pop or when checking a rail edge. 
These design attributes also make the Pulse very efficient and manageable, especially in extreme overpowered conditions. 


More Durable Leading-Edge Seam
There is a large amount of force on the closing seam of the leading edge due to inflation pressure and steering movement. North replaced the thread in the closing seam with a new durable lighter tensile yarn that has improved fatigue and wear resistance. 


NEW Lightweight Bladders in sizes 10m and above
Bladders make up a bigger weight percentage than any other material used in a kite. The lighter the kite, the more efficiently it flies, the greater the performance in lighter winds, the faster the steering, the more lift created and the higher you jump.


NEW Duralite Seam Protection
Lightweight reinforcement to protect from chafing and abrasion along the struts to the leading edge. Thin foam padding is inserted underneath to form a lightweight durable buffer which lifts the kite slightly off rough surfaces and protects the stitching along the strut and leading edge seams. 


NEW Hyperflow Geometry 
The rapid inflation system cap and valve base geometry have been updated for more comfortable opening and closing in colder conditions (when your fingers are freezing). 
Ergonomic high volume single point inflation system with large diameter hose for rapid inflation and deflation.  The bayonet style main inflation valve is compatible with most pumps - no adapter required.   


Lightweight N-FORCE 75
For a durable kite that can hold its profile for increased performance and light, but is also dynamic, flexible and can twist to turn. 
The durable exo-skeleton frame around the perimeter of the kite is made from N-FORCE 75, a lightweight yet heavy-duty canopy material, roughly half the weight of Dacron. The lighter reinforcement material saves weight while adding durability, strength and elongation control, protecting the lighter inner main canopy body and making the kite more responsive in the steering and depower. The N-FORCE 75 makes the transition from  the N-HTRS canopy material to Dacron stronger and less abrupt.


Aerodynamic PTP
For a stronger, smoother transition, more profile efficiency, better handling and a more balanced feeling. 
Lightweight N-FORCE 75 canopy reinforcement material is used in the extra panels that connect to the leading-edge seam, changing the profiles and behaviour of the kite. This material stretches more uniformly together with the leading edge when it’s inflated, creating a stronger,  smoother transition, more profile efficiency, better handling and a more balanced feeling. The profile transition panels reduce inconsistencies in the profile for more aerodynamic airflow and less turbulence.


Durable Dacron
All of the inflated structures and the wingtips in the Pulse are constructed from the higher quality Dacron, for the best strength to weight ratio in a heavy-duty application for a Freestyle kite. 


No-Pulley Bridle
Lower drag, more accuracy and a more direct feeling. 
North's highest-quality,  low-profile,  pre-stretched bridle lines are pre-loaded and measured before cutting to improve accuracy and consistency. This results in reduced shrinkage, reduced elongation and improved longevity. Removing ALL pulleys from the bridle improves safety and gives the kite direct and precise handling.


Performance Tuning
Bar pressure and steering impulse can be adjusted on the wing tip, allowing you to fine tune the kite's characteristics to your personal preference.