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Includes: board, 51mm fins, bindings, handle, and hardware

The C6 Board

Freeride Performance

C6 Boards is a Swedish brand, and the team behind the brand has a deep passion for kitesurfing and sharp cutting-edge expertise in the production of high-performance carbon parts.

A couple of years ago, a clear impetus arose at the intersection of these interests - to start C6 Boards. C6 Boards had closely followed the development of the design and production of carbon fiber in other sports segments, such as bicycles, tennis rackets, sailboats, motorcycles, sports cars, and so on. At the same time, they were concerned and a bit disappointed that the development of kiteboards’ production did not keep up with the technology, even though there was a great demand for boards with even higher performance.

It became C6 Boards mission to design, develop, and manufacture the next generation of kiteboards that are lighter and significantly higher performance.


Why Choose C6?

The C6 board is designed for anyone looking for a board with ”no excuses” performance and a good time on the water, no matter the conditions. The board is designed for high speed, lightning-fast acceleration, and maximum grip on the water. At the same time, C6 Boards make sure that the board is comfortable to ride and that the performance is easily accessible. As a side effect of all this, the C6 has incredible low-end performance for its size, so you can keep on riding even if the wind drops.

C6 Boards Technical Specifications

  • Made in Sweden – C6 Boards produce the boards in their own production facility in Sweden near their main suppliers to ensure maximum quality. Even the core, TeXtreme® fabric, and the epoxy are produced in Sweden.

  • TeXtreme® - Carbon fiber fabric for maximum performance.

  • Biax - Carbon fiber fabric for high torsion stiffness

  • Closed-cell polymeric core – Waterproof core that supports and maximizes the performance of the carbon fiber.

  • CNC shaped – To ensure high quality and repeatable production, C6 Boards use CNC-milling for the 3D-core, thread inserts, outline, and the holes for the fins.

  • Double concave – Breaks the water’s surface tension for smoother landings and breaks the water flow for less drag to generate higher speed and control.

  • Tip channels – Higher rocker in the board’s center for smoother ride and landings, flatter edge for faster acceleration, and speed.

  • Progressive flex – Stiffer for higher speeds and more pop, but soft for your knees. Anti-spray tip – To reduce water spray in your face.

  • Full cast polyurethane sidewall – Seamless construction and our Anti-glide technology give the board a better grip on floor tiles when you store it.


C6 Boards Textreme

C6 Boards use TeXtreme® in their boards. TeXtreme® is stronger, lighter, and safer carbon fiber technology - weaved in Sweden. It is 20% lighter than conventional carbon fiber reinforcements and reduces weight without sacrificing strength or stiffness. TeXtreme® is the ultimate choice for making ultralight advanced composite products. By reinforcing a product with TeXtreme®, it gets 20-30% lighter compared to using other carbon reinforcements and with improved mechanical performance in stiffness and strength. This gives you a superior product that will help you perform better, enjoy it!

TeXtreme® benefits:

  • Lighter (weight savings)

  • Top performance (stiffer, stronger)

  • Get the right feel and control

  • Weaved in Sweden, close to our HQ.


C6 Boards True Sandwich Technology

C6 Boards use a waterproof closed-cell polymeric core from the Swedish manufacture DIAB.

The sandwich construction has a very high stiffness-to-weight and high bending strength-to-weight ratio. As a result, sandwich components achieve the same (or better) structural performance as conventional materials with much less weight. The skins of a typical sandwich composite are thin, strong, and stiff, and the core is light and structurally strong enough to keep the skins in their relative positions under loading. Compared to a board with a wood core, C6 Boards need more carbon fiber because of the core’s lower bending stiffness. But instead, C6 Boards got to have more of the material that gives us the performance!


The Connection pad and strap is C6 Boards solution for connecting you to the board. The carbon-reinforced base plate, the triple-layer EVA foam and the anatomical shape work together with a neoprene padded double Velcro strap to deliver maximum comfort and control.

The Connection is fully adjustable and will fit most feet between US sizes 5-11. And since C6 Board originates from the cold waters of Sweden, the Connection works perfectly even when you are wearing thick neoprene booties.

The Connection features a mounting pattern that gives 15mm side to side and 25mm front to back adjustment as well as up to 20° of duck adjustment.

C6 Boards pads work not only with their board but with most other brands as well that uses either a standard offset 160mm mounting pattern or an in-line pattern.

C6 Boards are using SS316 grade stainless hardware so they can withstand even the harshest conditions.

The average weight for a complete set is 840g.


Board Size Board Weight Sidewall and Fins Color Fin Size
127x38cm 1.55kg Blue 51mm
134x40cm 1.65kg Orange 51mm
137x41cm 1.75kg Green 51mm