2021 Duotone Foil Surf Carbon 1250 Wing Set

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Includes: 1250 front wing and 75 back wing only

2021 Duotone Foil Surf Carbon 1250 Wing Set

The low aspect ratio profile has a huge amount of lift and opens up a new realm of possibilities for slack line tricks and carves where no kite power is needed. The wing provides the feeling that you can surf the wing rather than only be pulled around by the kite all the time. Due to its profile, shape and size, the wing can also be used for prone surfing on no wind days. The wing provides an incredible stability in white water which makes it easy to surf in small waves. It is for those looking for a pure surf feeling in a kite foil. When you like to use a small kite as often as possible, even in lighter wind conditions and you are looking for the same set up to surf on no wind days, the Surf Carbon 1250 is your weapon of choice.


Features of the Foil Surf Carbon 1250 Wing Set

Great Lift and Low End Power
Amazing lift and great low end power at very low speed.


White Water Stability
Even with massive swell, the Surf 1250 offers incredible stability in white water.


Prone Surf
With the Surf wing, even prone surfing is possible!


Carbon Front and Back Wing
Highest purest full carbon front and back wings for maximum performance and outstanding look.


Fuselage Front Wing Connection
Nothing more annoying than if your gear is not working, so avoiding any hassle, the fuselage to front wing is a very clever one, which can be attached and detached without using any heavy tools like a hammer. The form avoids abrasion and the large mounting area allows a maximum of load spread.


Fuselage Back Wing Connection
The fuselage back wing connection now has redesigned screw positions compared to last season, avoiding twisting of the back wing a supporting a firm hold without any deformation. Wedges can be used to adjust the back wing to your personal preference.