2021 Core SLC Foilboard

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Experience sporty and intuitive high performance in a light, responsive, and durable platform.

Includes: board and deck pad

2021 Core SLC Foilboard

Yes, it’s really that easy to silently glide around in virtually no wind. The freedom is indescribable, touring your lagoon or coast with no regard to wind direction on your SLC.

Meet the SLC Foil – a carbon and aluminum hybrid with options to suit every foiler. With every detail and material choice thoroughly tested, it brings newfound confidence to surf spots and freestyle slicks. Co-developed with the foil, Core's all-new SLC Foilboard is a full carbon wonder that makes your first or thousandth session a blast.

Foilers will appreciate the SLC’s stability and gentle rise. Freestylers and wave foilers will value its trick-friendly light weight and predictable wing performance. For those ready to try, now is the time to jump on the SLC. And the rest of you, its elevated performance will surprise you.

Light and durable. Carbon’s anisotropic properties make aluminum a better allround choice for the mast. Core's mast weighs about the same as carbon and better resists bending. The same properties make carbon the better choice for wings. Core's high performance, featherweight wings feature self-stabilizing tips.


Features of the Core SLC

The versatile, carbon winged SLC foil and foilboard deliver predictable performance in all conditions. Now, master those foiling moves you've been working on for so long.


Beveled Rails
Lean in, and enjoy the ride. Sidecut rails allow you to heel further especially in rougher waters. Should you unexpectedly come off the wing, the slightly convex bevel helps you get back on track. Reduced rail volume also sinks the rail deeper for fast water starts.


Smooth, predictable touchdowns. A shallow Vee at the nose transitions into a double concave deep Vee. This hull design pops you up in a jiffy, especially after those unintentional splashdowns.


Foil Rocker
Balanced. Forgiving. And responsive. Optimized for no-fuss touchdowns, and a balanced foiling experience. You’ll notice on your first ride that your front foot has a better feel of the board and foil. And the slight deck indentation delivers fantastic foot placement feedback.


Strap Ready
Straps or strapless. It’s your choice. Two strap positions for your back foot and three placement options for your front ensures a perfect stance and comfortable ride. Long-lasting, M6 stainless steel inserts let you switch between straps and strapless as often as you wish. (Straps sold separately)


Light. And responsive. The full carbon and PVC sandwich construction reduces the board’s weight and provides superior stiffness. Standard, unidirectional, and biaxial carbon laminations that reinforce critical stress areas improve longevity and durability. The board comes with a deep, grooved pad that provides the right amount of stickiness and comfort.


Mast Box
The extra-long (275mm) US BOX Track System with industry-standard 90mm width offers the maximum flexibility and proven performance. We recommend connecting your SLC Foil to the center of the mast track when you’re starting off. The marked center is a balanced allround position that allows maximum flexibility to adjust your mast forward or back depending on your front foot pressure preferences. (Mast sold separately)