2021 Core SLC Foil Bag Set Complete

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Includes: front wing cover, stabilizer cover, fuselage cover, mast cover (for 71 OR 92cm mast), mast base cover, tool pouch, and carrying case. 

Medium includes 71 mast cover
Large includes 92 mast cover

2021 Core SLC Foil Bag Set Complete

SLC Foil Bag

A place for all your foil parts. Protect your foil with Core's custom foil bag and travel worry-free. Core's 10mm padded wall bag neatly fits all the components in a light, clean, travel-ready package. Upgraded Nylon material, a corrosion-resistant heavy-duty zipper, an easy-to-clean interior with strategic hook and loop patches are designed to snuggly hold the Foil Cover Set. This optional Set is great protection for the foil in the bag or on the beach and the optional Foil Bag shoulder strap takes the load off your arms.


SLC Foil Cover Set

Keep your precious foil looking new. The set includes the Foil Bag, a Tool Pouch and cover for the Front Wing, Stabilizer, Fuselage, 71 or 92cm Mast, and Mast Base. The 420 denier Nylon covers fit neatly in the Foil Bag that’s designed for traveling and busy airports. Five-millimeter closed-cell foam padding and additional edge polyester webbing protect all trailing edges. The handy tool pouch keeps all your hardware and tools in one place. Even the mast cover features a screw pocket. Now, you're covered.