2021 Cabrinha Stylus Kiteboard

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Includes: 4x 50mm fins, 4x washers, 10 x m6 x 16mm screws, and grab handle.

Sizes: 150 x 45 / 160 x 47.5 cm

2021 Cabrinha Stylus Kiteboard

Lightwind / Freeride Kiteboard

The Stylus is a high performance light wind model that allows you to maximize your water time. Its clever design allows you to generate speed and power in the bleakest of wind conditions and the offset binding positioning enhances edging and allows greater control over the board.

Often used in conjunction with the Contra kite, the Stylus has a knack for altering what you previously thought of as ‘too light’ wind conditions.

Design Profile of the 2021 Stylus Kiteboard

Low rocker, high speed design. Optimized for light wind planing.


Features of the 2021 Cabrinha Stylus Kiteboard

  • Excellent performance in light wind conditions
  • Versatility beneath your feet 
  • Excellent upwind ability 
  • Offset binding inserts to the heel edge 
  • Asymmetrical stance for better grip, control and light wind planing 
  • Rail channels for grip 
  • UD basalt to support light wind low rocker line for early planing


Cabrinha Stylus Technology

  • Wood Core
    We use a premium "A-grade" Paulownia wood core which is vertically laminated to optimize strength, reduce weight, and allow the board to flex more naturally and freely. 


  • ABS Rails
    ABS is a tough hard wearing composite material which bonds very well to epoxy. This is used during the lay-up process ensuring a smooth, durable and consistent ride. All twin tip rails and insert blocks are made from ABS material. 


  • Volcanic Basalt
    Basalt is a volcanic mineral which offers vibration resistance and durability while maintaining a high strength to weight ratio. Washed pure molten basalt rock is absent of toxic additives. The combination of wood core with basalt laminate provides a flex characteristic, unique to Cabrinha.


  • Stiff Flex
    For those who ride fast and want the board to react quickly. A stiff flex pattern ensures a powerful energy transfer so the board will pop off the water and maintain control at fast speeds. 


  • Lightwind Rocker
    Gets you up on a plane with the least amount of power possible. 


  • H2O Recommended
    While this board can be used with any of the Cabrinha bindings, Cabrinha recommends the H2O Binding to be the best pairing with this board. 


  • Rail Channels
    Channels on the outside rails of the board to help with traction and grip when riding on edge, and to also aid with pop for freestyle tricks. 


  • Single Concave
    A single concave that runs through the board, providing excellent grip but also a smooth ride.