2021 Cabrinha Modular Connect Loop

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All connection methods attach directly to Cabrinha's all new streamlined Quick Release. 

2021 Cabrinha Modular Connect Loop

It’s 2020 and you’re in complete control of your kitesurfing future. With the all new Modular Quick Release system you can easily customize your connection method to perfectly match your style of riding. Whether it is freestyle, surfing, freeriding, foiling, or racing, with four different connection methods available you can easily configure your connection in under 3 seconds without the need for tools or complicated instructions.

All connection methods attach directly to Cabrinha's all new streamlined Quick Release. This all new QR is based on the proven and time-tested geometry of the QuickLoop. Choose between the Fireball, Rope Slider and loop connections.

The flexibility of the Modular system is enhanced by the versatility of the Overdrive bar adjustment. With a full 8cm of bar length adjustment you can choose the sensitivity level of your bar input, and allow for your control system to work on multiple sized kites.

And this is just the beginning: the Modular concept can easily adapt to any future Cabrinha connections, making the Overdrive 1X Modular the control system for the next generation. 



Modular Connect Loop Sizes

Cabrinha's Loop connection comes in two sizes. A small size for riders who simply want to stay hooked in. And a large size for freestyle riders who want to unhook. The Small Loop has the ability to clip your leash directly to the landing line so that it will deploy immediately upon activating the QR.

Cabrinha Small Loop Connection



The Large Loop is designed for riders looking to unhook. The leash attaches to Cabrinha's ‘Pro Connection’ that keeps the security from activating during a dropped handle pass. This connection still allows the full 1X security function when the quick release is activated.

Cabrinha Large Loop Modular Connection