2021 Cabrinha Ace Wood Kiteboard

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Includes: 4x 40mm fins, 4x washers, 10x 6x16mm screws, grab handle.

Bindings sold separately.

2021 Cabrinha Ace Kiteboard - Wood

All Around Freeride / Big Air Kiteboard

The exceptionally versatile Ace Wood combines performance freeride characteristics in an easy to use and forgiving ride. Its outline is a hybrid of freestyle and freeride which gives you the freedom to be covered no matter the conditions on the day.

The wood construction allows ultimate comfort in rough and choppy waters which translates to greater edge control for jumping big and for loaded freestyle takeoffs.

Design Profile of the 2021 Ace Wood

High performance model with the dampening of Paulownia wood. 


Features of the 2021 Cabrinha Ace Wood Kiteboard

  • Optimal construction, for specific flex characteristics and unparalleled durability
  • Forgiving flex characteristics for comfort in all conditions
  • Rail channels for enhanced and effortless grip
  • Medium rocker line for early planing lift and reliable edge hold
  • Quad channels in the tips for added grip when loading off the back-foot
  • Smooth, predictable and stable landings
  • Maximum upwind drive


Cabrinha Ace Wood Technology

  • Wood Core
    Cabrinha uses a premium "A-grade" Paulownia wood core which is vertically laminated to optimize strength. reduce weight and allow the board to flex more naturally and freely. Found in all models 2019 and newer.


  • ABS Rails
    ABS is a tough hard wearing composite material which bonds very well to epoxy. This is used during the lay-up process ensuring a smooth, durable and consistent ride. All twin tip rails and insert blocks are made from ABS material. 


  • Moderate Flex
    Riders that like to have fun doing a little of everything want a moderate or medium flex that allows for easier landings, buttery turns, and more forgiveness in all kinds of turns, and more forgiveness in all kinds of conditions.


  • Medium Rocker
    Medium rocker boards find the perfect balance between high rocker high performance and flat light wind rockers making the Ace Wood a great all around boards with lengthened turning radium. 


  • Quad Channels
    Strategically placed channels in the tip of the board provide traction when riding and when loading for big air. These channels also provide absorption when riding through chop and during heavy landings. 


  • H2O Recommended
    While this board can be used with any of the Cabrinha bindings, Cabrinha recommends the H2O Binding to be the best pairing with this board. 


  • Rail Channels
    Channels on the outside rails of the board help provide traction and grip when riding on edge, and also aid with pop or freestyle tricks. 


  • Single Concave
    A single concave that runs through the board, providing excellent grip but also a smooth ride. 


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