2019 Nobile Split BLEM Foilboard

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This board has a few small cosmetic indents that can be seen in the pictures.

Includes: Board, sleeve, fins, and straps

2019 Nobile Split Foil Kiteboard

CAN YOU IMAGINE A FOILBOARD IN TWO PIECES? THE BOARD’S DESIGN WILL CONTINUE TO APPLY FOR TWO YEARS (2018-2019) This year we introduced the fourth generation of our W-Connection patented solution. The improved connection has been redesigned from scratch. Its shape has been changed completely, which resulted in better distribution of the force. Furthermore, a new shape allows precise connecting and comfortable disconnecting from the board. Some of the connection’s constructional elements have been reduced, while others have been replaced with durable composite. This has resulted in reduced weight, improved stiffness and durability in connection points, as well as retaining the natural properties of the board, so the connection won’t impact the comfort during the ride.

We have also used the CAP construction which has a box-type structure, where the edge of a wooden wedge is fully secured with a laminate. The board is lighter, stiffer and much more resistant to breakage.

2018/19 Nobile Split Foil Kiteboard Specifications

Key Features for the 2019 Nobile Split Foil Kiteboard

  • Foil dedicated with wave capabilities
  • Comfortable hydrofoiling
  • Great wave performance
  • Super traction
  • Impressive carving
  • Tough flex
  • Splitboard
  • Multifunctional board: hydrofoil/wave
  • Easy to transport – splitboard
  • Fin arrangement, combined with the board’s profile, allows exceptional upwind performance
  • Fourth-generation W-Connection – new shape and new internal structure increase the durability of connection and improve the comfort during the ride
  • CAP Construction


    Foil Mount Insert Spacing / Foil Compatability

      • Nobile Split Foil 3.5" x 6.5"

        Other Brands Foil Bolt Spacing

          • Slingshot hover Glide 5.5" (4 3/4 or 6 1/4) x 3.5" - The SS Hover Glide will NOT work with this board.

          • Liquid Force Happy Foil 5 3/4" x 3.5" - LF Happy Foil will NOT work with this board.

          • Cabrinha Double Agent - 5.5" x 3.5" Cabrinha Double Agent will NOT work with this board