2019 Neil Pryde Recon Front-Zip 5/4/3 Small Wetsuit

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2019 Neil Pryde Recon Front-Zip Fullsuit 5/4/3 Wetsuit

The Recon is a top end suit for the ultimate warmth. Its made completely of high stretch materials, stitch-less with fully taped seams inside and out, and wrist seal to keep it water tight. Thermal insulation covers the chest, back and legs, and features our unique muscle lock compression on the legs and expansion forearms for anti-cramping.

Yamamoto limestone Neoprene is a more sustainable alterative to classic petroleum based neoprene, as it reduces the energy input needed to produce it. It also is much more stretchy than standard neoprene, and more durable. It offers a hybrid technology - lightweight, fast drying thermal properties for superior insulation performance in and on the water. At Neilpryde we use limestone neoprene as a standard for our full wetsuit range.

This suit pays close attention to the details, focusing on Movement, Protection and Warmth, the Ultimate waterman’s Swiss army knife, Kitesurng, Windsurng, Surfing, Paddle boarding, Wakeboarding this suit does it all!

Temperature: Icy Cold Cool Mild (6-12 ̊C / 43-54 ̊F)

Features of the Recon

  • Thermocore Thermal Protection - Hollow core technology thermal lining for thermoregulation and protection against the elements.
    • Aquavents Plush - Water venting system located in the ankles that releases water caught in the suit. Outer plush jersey allows you to attach ankle cinches to prevent water from entering.
      • Dri-Flex - Advanced Dri-Flex knitted outer jersey is super light and dries in a fraction of the time compared to standard neoprene.
        • Key Loop - Elastic key loop for security while riding.
          • SCS Neck Seal - Smooth skin neoprene forms a tight seal around the neck with maximum comfort.
            • Deboss Knee Flex Panel - Joint flexibility for improved movements.
              • Yamamoto Limestone Neoprene - New generation hybrid technology; lightweight, fast drying thermal properties for superior insulation performance in and on the water. Now on all wetsuits.
                • Inner Melco Tape - Tape to seal neoprene seams and stitches on the inside of the wetsuit; super stretchable while further ensuring the wetsuit is waterproof.
                  • P-Skin Plus Tape - P-Skin is their premium outer seam sealant tape that keeps the suit dry while being very flexible at the same time.
                    • Stitchless Tech - A combination of a Neoprene Elastic Glue (NEG) P3 P-Skin Tape and inner neoprene taping. No pinholes, no leakage, no problems.
                      • E3 Entry - Prevents water penetration.
                        • Latex Wrist - Latex wrist and ankle seals.
                          • Armortex Kneepads - Highly durable, abrasion resistant 4 way stretch material around the knees for more durability.


                          2019 NP Recon Size Chart