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The goal of our lesson program is to get you to feel the rush of kiteboarding in the safest, fastest and most efficient way. After years of teaching, we've refined our 4 step program to take you from an absolute beginner to an independent kiteboarder. All of our lessons take place at the Kite Island in Barnegat Bay (NJ), which offers the safest and easiest possible conditions to learn.

Please click on these links for prices and other detailed information about each step:

Step 1. Intro Package (homework) - complete beginner
Step 2. Kite Skills - develop kite skills needed to ride
Step 3. Board Skills - learn to ride
Step 4. Supervised Riding - learn to stay upwind, improve and reinforce skills learned in step 2 and 3,  gain confidence to become independent

Cancellation Policy

Everyone's learning ability is different and some people will require to repeat Steps 3 and 4, yet some may be able to skip them all together. We recommend purchasing your own gear after Step 3 and we provide excellent full Beginner Packages for different budgets and individual needs.

For independent kiteboarders, other services such as Island Rides are available
How to reserve a lesson or ride:
We ONLY take reservations prior to a good wind forecast. When weather cooperates, we post a Schedule (under Lessons -> Schedule menu) and send out notifications via email and text. Reservations are taken on first come, first serve basis and can ONLY be made online once the schedule has been posted. 
To receive alerts whenever a schedule has been posted, please do one of the following:


Which step do I start with if I'm NOT an absolute beginner?
If you've taken lessons elsewhere, have practiced on your own, or for some other reason do not think you need to start with step 1, please read the "Prerequisites" sections for each step (starting with the first).

  • If you are sure that you know and can do everything on that list, move on to the next step;
  • If there are more than a couple of items on that list that you have not achieved yet, you should book the previous step.

For more information about specific steps (lessons), please read the descriptions below.

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