Spring Pre-season Gear Check

Spring is here and water is finally warming up! This is a great time to make sure your gear is ready for the 2016 season.
Don't wait until the first good day of the season to find out that your gear is not ready. Inflate your kite before hand to check for rips, pin holes or leaky bladders. Also, don't forget to check your drysuit seals and wetsuit zippers.
Precision Kite Repair

Kite Repair

  • For minor repairs such as pin holes, slow bladder leaks, or small cuts in the canopy, we recommend the Kitefix Kit.
  • For larger repairs, we recommend Precision Kite Repair. We have been using them for all of our repairs lately and have been extremely satisfied. Their repairs are high quality, turn around time is fast, prices are competitive, and local shipping is quick and inexpensive since they are based in NY.
Drysuit Repair

Drysuit/ Wetsuit Repairs

Have a ripped cuff on your drysuit? Need a zipper repaired on your wetsuit? We recommend DiversTwo - a local shop we use for our repairs. 

If your wetsuit only has a small rip or hole we recommend Aquaseal Urethane glue. This stuff really works and remains flexible.