UPDATE 11/26 6:27pm: We looked through our inventory again and found a bunch of kites and twintips to discount. Added North and Slingshot kites at 50% off, plus some great deals on Ozone Base, Cabrinta Tronic, and Nobile NHP Split twintips. 

UPDATE 11/26 11:15am: A lot of doorbuster offers have been selling fast. But, we still have some amazing deals left here, so take advantage before they are gone. 

UPDATE 11/26 10:00am: Adding $399 Cabrinha FX 5m kites - these kites are very light and great for foiling in strong winds as well as teaching kids (under 90lbs) how to kite. Also, adding Lahoma Inflatable Wing board for $699 - great for travel and learning; Naish Thrust kite foil for $99; and 2020 Cabrinha Spectrum kiteboards for $299. 

UPDATE 11/24 3:20pm: Adding a Taaroa Sword foilboard for $299 (70% off). This used to be top of the line board few years ago and will still work very well with any Pro Box foil (Cabrinha AV8, Taaroa Sword, etc). 

UPDATE 11/24 2:00pm: A lot of wetsuits and shorties have been added for as low as $25. Harnesses are almost sold out, only few XLs left. 

UPDATE 11/23 7:45pm: Adding a Takuma Kujira 980 carbon foil (with alum mast and fuse) for $999 to the list. This is a great performance wing foil at a great price. It's big brothers Kujira 1210 and 1480 are on sale too. 

UPDATE 11/22 6pm: Doorbuster deals are on! We are starting off with 20+ $99 complete hardshell harnesses. Just a couple years ago, these were $300+ top of the line harnesses. They are still great, but need to go! 
Next up are the $399 5m Lahoma Wings - lightweight, no-frills wings that are perfect for starting out on the water, land, or snow - an amazing bargain.
Stay tuned, more crazy deals coming tomorrow. 

These promos will be released throughout Black Friday week (starting Monday 11/22) on this page. So, keep an eye out for our emails or check back here for amazing deals. Here's what's coming:

  • $399 Kites.
  • $299 Twin Tips.
  • $399 Wings.
  • $699 Inflatable Wing boards.
  • Complete hard shell harnesses under $100.
  • $99 Kite foil.
  • $299 Kite foilboard.
  • $999 Carbon wing foils (with alum mast/fuse).
  • Wetsuits under $100.
  • Plus more secret promotions that we are not at liberty to disclose just yet.