Advanced Lessons

Advanced / Private LessonsAdvance lesson price

Price: $100 per hr , in addition to the price of Supervision (if not able to stay upwind) or Island Ride (for independent kiteboarders)

After purchase please sign up to recieve schedule alerts as outlined HERE to book your island ride. You must reserve a spot when a schedule is posted or you will not have a spot on the boat. If you have any questions please email or call us.

Private lessons are $100 an hour plus the cost ($95) for an island ride.


  • Learn on your own terms - we can create a customized lesson just for you.
  • Private lesson can be added to Supervised Riding or Island Ride service
  • All private lessons include Radio Helmets for one way instructor to student communication

You will set your own goal for the lesson. For example: learn to stay upwind, learn to jump, backrolls, front rolls, unhooking, kiteloops, etc.

Students per instructor : 1 (private)

What to bring:

  • Booties (required)
  • Lunch and plenty of water
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • April, May, September, October: Wetsuit; hood and gloves are recommended in April and October.
  • July and August: Bug repellent, preferably waterproof, shortie wetsuit or a thermal rash guard (there are some chilly days even in the summer)

Bad weather?
In case of unfavorable weather condition and or insufficient wind for the number of hours booked, you will receive a credit for the portion of the lesson that day that can be used towards the purchase of equipment or lessons.


Please allow extra time to spend on the island and be free of any commitments for the remainder of the day until at least 7 pm as wind may not immediately cooperate.
For cancellations and other information, please visit our FAQs page